PC Friendly

I’ve had to do the deed and reset my ipod so it’s PC compatible. This was a very scary moment but has been borne out of necessity because – as much as I love Macs – Apple make life so complicated.

My old Imac really can’t cope with 21st century living and is not wireless enabled but a friend told me I could probably buy a dongley thing which I could plug into the USB wotsit (techincal aren’t I?) and hey presto my Imac would be able to talk to the wireless box and zoomy internet would be mine. So off I went to PC World (yes I know given the laptop fiasco I shouldn’t touch them with a barge pole) and saw something I thought would do the job but when I checked with the shop assistant, he said ‘oh no, you have to take the Mac to the Apple store to get it enabled’. How annoying. Lugging my Imac to the Apple store is not an option so it looks as though I will have to use it mostly as a storage device for my photos.

Ah well. Had to re upload all my music (which I got a bit obsessive about and was still doing at 2 in the morning) and I’ve discovered itunes. Okay I know I am about 10 years behind everyone else but I’ve always been a bit scared about the addictive quality of buying music without physically having to hand over money. Turns out I was right. I could spend a fortune.


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