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Where did August go?

So 1st August was my last day in gainful employment and today is 1st September…how exactly did that happen?

I cannot point to any major achievements which is rather disappointing so have decided to be slightly kinder to myself and see if there are any mini achievements I can claim. A kind of 3BT when BTs are in short supply.

1. On the job front it has been deathly slow although I have been to two second interviews (one rejection and one leading to a third interview in a couple of weeks). I have pimped my LinkedIn profile and registered for various freelance databases so fingers crossed – really there have to be jobs out there somewhere.

2. One achievement is definitely getting my act together on Wii Fit. I have actually today set up my own Mii (don’t ask why it’s taken so long, pathological hatred of being weighed and judged) rather than just using The Beloved’s. Slight downside to that is that I would appear to be using less calories (less body weight) and now have to unlock all the levels I’d previously unlocked. However, I am quite determined to keep it up (for as long as I’m alone in the house, it is a strictly no-spectator sport!).

3. I have been to see a couple of films: Rise of the Planet of the Apes was surprisingly good, Andy Serkis is a genius; Cowboys and Aliens was very silly. Still haven’t managed One Day and I really want to see that but it requires getting myself out on my own for my own good and my motivational levels for being kind to myself are still on the stunted side.

4. I have tried to limit obsessive cleaning and become more able to cope with my lodger’s hair balls. She’s leaving on Saturday and it’s been quite fun having her here although we’re looking forward to having the place to ourselves again.

Hmmm…all a bit slim pickings really

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Hmmm..a week and then a week. This time last week I was employed, my surrounding neighbourhoods had not been looted and I was part of a two person household. HOWEVER…the changes (job seeking, sandwiched in between rioting and a lodger) have not all been bad. I am looking upon the redundancy as a salary increase opportunity, the rioting/looting/civil disrest as an opportunity to improve our society (see previous post about brooms), and it’s fun having someone to share my downtime at home with.

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3BT continued

Forgot to add:
1. The lovely ladies at Bravissimo. Been having all sorts of contraption problems causing great discomfort. Turns out I am actually a back size smaller and three (yes three) cup sizes bigger. So although I now gulp at my bra size and husband feels cheated that they’re “that big” and look nothing like Jordan, I am actually so much more comfortable.
2. Cherry earrings. Because to be honest what’s the good of a cherry if you can’t do an earring?
3. The Internet. Just generally. What. Did. We. Do. Without. It? Today I have looked up recipes, chatted with friends, found out news, watched interesting things, tried to file my tax return (failed but that’s another story), done shopping. And really only been on it a little bit. Wow!

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3BT – 31st July

Possibly more than three

1. Went to see Carlos Acosta at The Coliseum. Was somewhat nervous by the reviews and, although it could have done with “more dancing”, I really enjoyed it. Although agreed with the critic (sorry can’t find the link) who said it could/should have been staged at the Tate Modern.

2. Hated what I was wearing yesterday. You know when you just put something on and it grows progressively more grim as the day goes on? Well, I felt so lucky that I could just pop to Hennes, buy a £12 top and feel instantly more human. Also bought a pair of shoes which weren’t entirely on the agenda but are lovely and I have bought a pair of lovely shoes until last October which is actually QUITE A LONG TIME  (well for me).

3. British athletes being fab, especially the beautiful Jessica Ennis and the passionate Mo Farrar.

4. Eating delicious food hand delivered from my parents garden (even though it’s nearly 100 miles away). And transforming courgettes (which are normally watery and a bit bleurgh) thanks to a recipe from the lovely Ruth and Rose – page 155 of The River Cafe Blue Book.

5. Sondheim at the Proms. There are few words apart from Judi Dench rocks.

6. The power of Twitter and this week’s story about Clare Balding.

7. Newly clean curtains and windows (although they need to drop about an inch – the curtains not the windows).

8. A spurt of ridiculously early morning energy counterbalanced by an afternoon nap.

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3BT – 8th January

1. Getting my visa through for Vietnam and realising it’s only three weeks to wait. Time to make lists and enjoy the anticipation.

2. Playing a guessing game as to what all the little footprints are in the snow in the garden. One set looks like a mutant bunny has moved into the neighbourhood.

3. My eBook. I love it. I love the fact it’s so small and cute (and pink) but I’m not going to run out of things to read for AGES.

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3BT – New Year

1. Seeing The Nutcracker on NYE and revelling in its beauty.

2. The fireworks around Big Ben and The Eye. Wow!

3. Feeling very lucky that I can heat my house as much as I need without worrying about the bill.

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3BT – 17th August

1. A solitary cotton wool cloud in a big blue sky.

2. Delicious baby chuckling from an unseen garden. I don’t know what fun was being had but the laughter spread happiness far and wide.

3. People who run very very fast. I have never been able to run fast (I’d be way slower than this lady) but get very excited by people who can.

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3BT – 6th August

I have been neglecting my 3BT-ing recently (mainly because I’ve been hibernating in the world of sad sack, so I’ve decided to break free and try to be decidedly more jolly)

1. My lovely colleagues for not bothering me today because they knew I was poorly pants.

2. The pleasure of a warm shower when you’ve been sweaty and sicky feeling.

3. Magazines – smart people writing interesting things in short articles which can hold my sickly attention span.

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