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Okay, officially gone over to the other blog but I am delighted to report that two women head up the predictions league and I am the second of those women – hurrah! All very likely to go a bit tits up what will me having to predict eight weeks worth of football on the basis of two sets of games but…I live in hope.

*Do you see what I did there with the “foot”ball and the “foot”note? Clever I thought but then I suport Southampton!


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I’m off

Well the time has come…for the next few months you can find me here.

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Net curtains

I have been gripped by a cleaning frenzy – goodness knows why, it’s not like I’ll be here to enjoy the fruits of my domesticity!

I can only assume it’s like reverse nesting instinct!

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I know it’s late but…

…can anyone explain why I am being kept awake by what spookily sounds like air raid sirens?

I’ve checked the BBC, doesn’t seem like south west London is under attack.

Go figure.


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Saints preserve us

Another crap result.

I may start supporting Reading at this rate.

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Anthony Wilson

I never know what to write when famous people die. It’s not like I knew them personally even though their influence may have made a difference to my life in some way. I find the contributions to forums like Have Your Say uncomfortable reading. This is why it’s taken me a long time to decide whether to blog about the sad news of Tony Wilson’s death.

I was of an age where the music he brought to the world was highly significant. Joy Divison was cool beyond belief (possibly more than it rightfully should have been thanks to another untimely death); Blue Monday blew me away; and “Madchester” was the soundtrack to my university years. I went to the Hacienda (only twice but I did live pretty much at the other end of the country – it was a bit of a trek for a night out). I even remember Mr Wilson presenting some really bad game show.

Anyway, I suppose I just wanted to acknowledge that his work brought some happiness to my life. And that’s all I can say really.

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An unexpected promotion

You may remember that I narrowly missed out on promotion in my predictions league last season. Well I ended up getting promoted after all – hurrah! I also got a win this week – double hurrah!

Only slight problem is now having to do eight weeks worth of predictions before the end of this week – eek!

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