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I’ve had a very fun weekend: catching up with old friends; spending time with different friends and buying white trousers! Okay to the final and most shallow point first. I don’t do white. White makes you look fat. White is completely impractical. White is totally ridiculous in London. However, white trousers will look very cool on my planned sojourn to the south of France; white trousers will look most funky us my new size tiny coat; these trousers are themselves size tiny. So my thought processes were along the lines of enjoy it while you can (the fat monster will undoubtedly return).

I caught up with my old housemate. After we’d rather shockingly realised that we stopped living together 11 years ago and I haven’t seen her for the best part of three years, we had a really cool time. She’s living in Hong Kong at the moment so (hopefully) I’m planning to go to see her. The major shock was how well we know each other. You tend to forget that when you live with someone you do get to know their deepest darkest selves and it’s a complete revelation that someone who knows me that well still likes me (yes, I still have much work to do in that department). 

Today I went to Brands Hatch to see the A1 race (poor relation to F1 but, in some ways, really much cooler, not to mention a whole lot cheaper). I went with an old work colleague who is a really cool friend but never really spent that much time with her. Anway, it was all a bit of a last minute decision and we had a fab time. I even managed to keep it all together in the face of her and her boyfriend who (after about 15 years or something equally ridiculous) are really quite in love. My photos are crap but that’s because:

  1. grand prix cars are very fast
  2. there need to be some fences
  3. my phone is reasonable as a communications device but not so hot as a camera
  4. I’m not that brilliant at taking photos 

Great day though – perhaps caught a touch too much sun as I’ve noticed the freckles are looking quite hysterical.

As non-related asides:

My Mum saw the Arctic Monkeys on the train on Friday. My Mum now thinks she is very cool.

My Mum and Dad’s next door neighbour’s son (follow closely it’s complicated) is now in the album charts. Only number 27 at the moment but being hailed as “the next big thing” so go and buy the Switches album. My Mum continues to think she is the coolest 62 year old in the world (okay the UK, perhaps England, probably Hampshire, more than likely just Lockerley – but she was 62 last week and has a basic grasp of some areas of pop culture so she is really quite groovy).



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The last word…

…I promise.

Being a bit blogtastic today. I should be doing some of my steps and generally aiding my recovery. However, in the spirit of procrastination, I have been setting up a myspace page. Goodness knows why although potentially quite exciting for “watch this space” reasons.

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I am not a plastic bag

I have been the proud owner of one of these little babies for quite a few weeks now (thanks B/L – you are a shopping star). Today they went on sale to the masses so I had to have a slight sigh of sadness that I’m not the only cool kid in school (although with a limited edition of 20000 methinks they are still going to be a rare and sought after commodity).

I was rather amused to read on the BBC that staff at Sainsbury’s had been putting the “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” into – yes you’ve guessed it – a plastic bag. A bit of training might be required.

People are being very sceptical about whether a bag like this really will help to reduce use of vile, landfill clogging plastic bags – apparently we use 8 billion every year. Well I’m sure with only a few thousand of them they won’t on their own but it’s all about raising awareness – it’s called PR doh!

As a footnote: I rather hope that the person that tried to nick my lovely fashion accessory in Wimbledon on Saturday didn’t get her mitts on one today.

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Harry Potter

I’m not even entering into whether adults should enjoy Harry Potter – I do. Can’t wait for the new film so very excited by the trailer. Can’t wait for the new book.


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Alan Johnston

Petition calling for the release of BBC reporter Alan Johnston.

 I’ve been meaning to put this on for ages but never quite got round to it. I suppose I had been hoping that Alan would have been freed by now.

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Happy Blogday

Happy blog birthday to me

Happy blog birthday to me

Happy blog birthday to me

Happy blog birthday to me

Do I get a cake?…


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I know, I don’t blog for ages and then get the bug.

The main reason I haven’t been blogging – apart from the “don’t blog” requests which I seem to have squared now – is that I am currently participating in a recovery programme which is taking up much of my time. I never thought I’d end up in “recovery” and spent a rather endless amount of time trying not to admit that I had a real problem. After all, a lot of relationships end, a lot of people get hurt, a lot of people get upset and occasionally do stupid things. Eventually all of them seem to move on and get on with life.

The truth is I got stuck. Stuck in an endless spiral of not being able to do anything, cope with anything, think about anything. Repeating the same behaviour over and over again and expecting to get different results is a foolish enterprise – I would not recommend it.

So into recovery I went and – to be honest – it is helping. It is really tough and I find myself doing stuff I really don’t want to do, but perhaps it will lead to a better frame of mind – let’s face it, it couldn’t get much worse.


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