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I love my iphone

An app for my grocery order? I love it


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Oh but i don’t want to give Mr Murdoch anymore money

I do have a video and I do know how to use it but, mysteriously (I don’t think), the video and the Sky box don’t like talking to each other. Plus you can only record what you watch (hmmm…bloody useless). So tonight I want to watch Secret Millionaire and the twins programme and I don’t seem to be able to manage it. I think this is a con.

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Is it genetic?

I suspect this is a nurture issue rather than nature but I am completely perplexed. My sister and I are (okay having to put modesty aside at this point) perfectly nice people. We are kind, smart, successful, thoughtful people with no particularly weird tendencies or habits.

So why…

Do we find ourselves involved with feckless, thoughtless, lying, cheating men?

Every time?


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Cultural stuff

I’ve been rather out and about this week (coupled with one of the worst bouts of insomnia known to mankind, it did lead to a rather teary disintegration at one point but hey ho!). Highlights included a talk by Tracey Emin launching her book of drawings. Now I must confess I am not the biggest ‘modern art’ fan, I don’t get a lot of it (the couple of times I’ve visited The Tate Modern I’ve had to leave because I felt sick and dizzy, I tend to get on much better with Tate Britain), and don’t really know Tracey Emin’s work. However, I really really enjoyed the evening. She was so interesting and the way she speaks about things is really powerful. She said if she could only work in one medium, she would write and I certainly found her words more powerful than the art bit. So that was very enligtening.

The other highlight was going to see Rigoletto last night at The  ENO. I’ve seen this production before and loved it and second time around it had lost none of its charm. Unfortunately I was sat next to the fidgetiest woman in the world and was filled with horror as several people decided to hum and la along to La Donna e Mobile – argh! Despite this, it’s a marvellous production (made even better for me as we only paid £3 a ticket – hurrah!).

Not quite in the same cultural league but taking up rather a lot of my attention is True Blood. Only on series one in the UK and it took a few episodes to get going but now I seem to be caught up in a rollercoaster of sex, weirdness, sex, blood and oh did I mention the sex?! It’s fabulous Friday night fodder (although inevitably end up having to record it because it clashes with something else – Peep Show at the moment).

And finally…I read 1984 this week. It’s me on my ‘List of Books I Ought to Read’ for ages which always fills me with slight trepidation because Books I Ought to Read and Books I Want to Read do not necessarily marry up. However I LOVED it. Not entirely sure why I loved it so much, I obviously just hit it at the right time in the right mood. Found it totally scary and gripping. Wondered why on earth I haven’t read it before.

Apparently the next stop on this cultural adventure is Zombieland…well I’m nothing if not ecelctic!

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Inexplicable Blue-ness

I have actually had quite a good week but yesterday I was overtaken by an inexplicable feeling of sorrow, lethargy and general blue-ness. In fact I would go as far as saying these feelings are actually more The Mean Reds.

Hmmm…I just don’t know why.

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Of urban sprawl and 3BT on living in London

So I’m on my way back from book club and life in London strikes me as the loveliest thing:
1. It’s Monday night and I had a choice of two interesting things to do tonight. I chose book club because it was ‘my’ night. It was a fun evening.
2. Seeing two beautiful foxes walking home (me walking home, them having a little wander and late night canoodle). They had gorgeous brushes and looked so cute.
3. The mystery of number 3 and number 19. In my street there are two houses which are newly refurbished and yet no one has lived in them for well over a year. If I lived in a small crabby village I’d know exactly why Mr X had bought Y house yet didn’t live there. As it is, I have to make do with occasional lights going on, shadowy movements and random bin movements. It’s slightly exciting and lets your imagination go wild. Okay I know that’s odd.

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Things what I did on holiday

Read books:

  • Generation X (I think I must be getting old because I just wanted to tell them to pull themselves together most of the time!)
  • The Golden Notebook which I really enjoyed except the book literally came apart at the seams which was really really irritating because pages kept falling out. I suspect I may be investigating amazon’s returns policy. I say I enjoyed this book, I did find the whole male/female relationship thing very depressing, the whole class thing overly-conscious and I also wanted to tell quite a lot of them to pull themselves together quite a lot of the time (obviously tolerance has yet to break out in the land of Featherduster).
  • Book three was Valley of the Dolls which is a perfectly trashy, marvellous holiday read. It actually went quite well with The Golden Notebook in terms of period and the really rather depressing cavalier attitude towards the sanctity of marriage (okay, now I’m beginning to sound like a Daily Mail reader…did the deep blue of the Aegean Sea turn me into a tory or something?Bloody hell)
  • I also read some freebie-with-a-magazine type books which were largely rubbish.

Sadly, I did not find the perfect Greek Salad. I found a couple of reasonable ones but still nothing compares to those I ate on Naxos six years ago. I did however eat the most delicious octopus which came on a plate in the shape of a boat and I may try to work out how to upload a pic of it because it looked (and tasted) SO good.

I also snuck in a gyros – why do all the naughty things taste so delicious?

Ouzo – successfully avoided. A couple of slightly iffy Greek wines not quite so neatly dodged. Found some really decent Lefkada red though and have brought a bottle home although I suspect it may be like some Italian wines where you literally take them out of their local village and they turn to rancid horror.

I sat very still quite a lot of the time but I also:

  • swam – IN THE SEA – very impressed with myself
  • went on a boat trip and didn’t get sea sick
  • walked up a waterfall – although my plan to swim in the waterfall was scuppered by a rather nubile Greek girl posing energetically for photos on a rock in some sort of Little Mermaid stylee and the fear of wrath from her boyfriend?/photographer? for my rather lardy arse form getting in the way

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