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Just as most of it thawed out yesterday, last night brought a whole new blanket of fresh white stuff. It was so beautiful and peaceful this morning as I left brand new footprints.


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Thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening

I do not like thunderstorms when I have to deal with them on my own. If there’s a duvet and someone to snuggle up to then I am, by and large, quite able to deal with the heavens opening and the angels having a row (don’t ask, it was one of my Mum’s explanations when I was a small person). But on my own I really don’t deal with it very well. I should probably grow up.
I would like to point out it’s July and I’m fairly sure we shouldn’t be having such storminess unless it’s to provide a break in hot humidy type of weather.


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I’m particularly keen on photos of clouds and the sea, so I was delighted to come across these the other day.

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3BT – 27th February

1. Spring arrived today. I didn’t need to put my light on to put my make up on this morning (of course the result may have been disastrous). But it was warm and delicious and you could almost see buds budding and life bursting (still not entirely convinced by people getting their legs out and wearing sandals – it is still February!)

2. ikou De-stress and Relax tea – genius delicious stuff.

3. My lovely girls at work who gave a fantastic company presentation. Rather worrying was the amount of Chlamydia kits that were nabbed (lots) and the amount of condoms picked up (few).

4. (Because I have been somewhat light on Beautiful Things recently). The excitement of a weekend away in Glasgow with old friends and new – although not together which makes everything much easier (although the trauma of what to wear is somewhat mitigating any associated joy).

5. Answering questions on Mastermind – always makes me feel slightly more clever than I really am!

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The joy of snow

Okay the snow is bad but it’s not like we weren’t expecting it. Why does this country grind to a halt whenever there is weather?

Quite fun though as I was meant to be in Hull and I’m not. I’m sat in bed watching This Morning. Hurrah! I am actually doing some work as well but finding the duvet pleasantly snuggly.

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3BT – 1st February

1. I had the BEST egg sandwich. You know, no matter what yummy delicious food you eat, sometimesan egg sandwich can tingle the tastebuds and transport you to gastronomic joy. (Unfortunately because of my slightly suspicious digestive system, egg sandwiches only have but a fleeting acquaintance with anywhere but my tongue!).

2. Snow flurries. Mad little flurries of soft white stuff swirling and whirling like a three year old whose eaten one too many flumps.

3. This house. I have loved this house since I was a very tiny child. Part of the love was because it meant we were nearly “in London” (as in “are we in London yet?), but mostly it was just because I wanted to live in a house that was this cool. And the joy (thanks to tinterweb) of being able to look inside this house hasn’t diminished it (apart from that very weird bedroom). I mean they have a library room with a ladder-y thing to reach the books. Bliss! Joy! Now, I just need to dig around the back of the sofa to come up with the £1.5 million (okay maybe Mr Abramovich’s sofa might be a better bet than my own!).

4. I love my slippers. Might have mentioned this before. But I LOVE THEM.

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3BT – 7th January

I am going to be positive about the cold weather…well I’ll try given the absence of real, proper snow and the time to do anything with it!

1. My new boots which have furry insides (not real animal) and were a brilliant bargain – a mere £25 compared to their original price of £95. I bought them on Saturday and haven’t taken them off my feet since (well obviously to sleep) although planning outfits around them is becoming something of a challenge.

2. Mugs of tea. I like a mug of tea all the time but there is something super-specially warming about one at the moment.

3. Increased excuses for blankies and snuggles.

4. Electric blankets – brilliant invention especially the lovely one we have at the moment that you can put on a low setting all night (does making dragging yourself out of bed in the morning a little difficult though).

5. I am lucky that I don’t really have to worry about having the heating on.

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