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Difficult is worth doing

I only went away for a week and meant to blog about it as soon as I got back but then I got sick (yes, I am – at the moment – always a very poorly child for some reason) and then it was back to work with a zillion things to do and in the evening catching up on those all important TV moments from the previous week. So, all in all, I just don’t know where the week has gone.

I will get round to blogging about the holiday but just wanted to blog about the FABULOUS live Honda ad on Channel 4 last night. Honestly the most exciting bit of British TV I’ve seen in ages. It takes a lot for this marketing-bollocks weary person to get even remotely interested in ads but Channel 4 came up with a cracking idea and Honda were brave to run with it. Probably also helped that it was sky diving which is guaranteed to make me jump up and down like a small child going “again, again!”


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Pack your sombreros

Yes I am going on holiday!

Finally got the go ahead at 7.30 so now have a week in Majorca booked. Possibly not my first holiday choice but it’s a week away with my boy and hopefully some sunshine. Hurrah!

Will be on the plan on Saturday without any of my holiday essentials but I have a credit card so I’m throwing caution to the wind which is very uncharacteristic behaviour.

It’ll do us both good though…I hope.

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The madness is over…

…for another year (as I’m so not interested in the FA Cup). Truly gutted about Reading (cannot trust Pompey to do anything right, I mean it’s once in a blue moon I actually want them  to win). However, very excited to report that I won the cup competition in my predictions league which I am very excited about. Also came a credible 7th in the league (would have been 5th but for some pesky goal difference). I am also the only remaining girl in the top division which is quite sad – I think they might try and make it boys only – there will be a deposition to the European Court of Human Rights if they do.

However from football to things altogether more girly and my growing excitement that SATC premieres tonight. Hurrah!!

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Loving the summer

It has arrived! My sandals are on and – according to the weather reports – they will remain on all week – hurrah!

Bank Holiday weekend was a nice little break. Went down to ye olde countryside and avoided turning into too much of a sneezing mess.

Watched I Am Legend which I had wanted to see when it came out but was scared off by the reviews and poor reports from people who had seen it but actually it was really rather good. Okay so the whole virus, zombie thing is not exactly a new format but it was a pretty good effort. The only thing that annoyed me was some fairly poor CGI.

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The Great Escape

Well Saints managed it and St Mary’s remains the best stadium in the Championship (as opposed to League One). I am might relieved but hope everyone involved with the club takes this season’s dismal performance as a kick up the arse and a commitment to give the team some much-needed stability.

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Hand crud

My entire office has been blagging anti bacterial wipes from me all day thanks to the latest rehash of the dirty keyboard story.

Yes, I am sad enough to carry wet wipes around with me all the time – see my previous post about the contents of my mehusive bag (although positively tiny in comparison to a bag I saw a very small girl carrying this morning – it was so big she could have almost climbed in it!).

Having a bit of trouble getting going this afternoon:

Our office is without water thanks to local building work/pipe cutting issue – it’s going to start getting smelly soon.

The weather can’t decide if it’s spring or winter (it’s 1st May for heaven’s sake, please can we have some sunshine?).

I have a difficult client who is demonstrating particularly irritating behaviour this afternoon.

Oh and just everything seems a little bit annoying.

Please with the footie results this week – an all English final is a good thing. Certain members of my household are also rather delighted with the performance of Mr Terry and company and – despite copious germs at the moment – did a very good impression of a jumping jack last night.

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