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Three whole years and good news

Now who would have thought three years ago sat in a meeting room that coincidentally I can see from my current office (but is in a totally different building and a company so distant in culture that I might as well have been working on Mars back then – it was about as hospitable as well), that I would still be blogging?

I had marvellous news yesterday. After three and a half years of freelancing, I am now a permanent employee somewhere. This is very exciting.

I’ve wanted to find a work home since I came back from Tanzania because I realised I missed the stuff that often makes people want to freelance in the first place (people management, the odd bout of office politics). After all I never exactly made a conscious decision to become a freelancer, rather it was a financial necessity and a case of being very badly burned by making a duff choice in employer. But finding a home has been tricky: not a huge number of jobs out there (okay admittedly way more than there are at the moment, have you seen the back pages of PR Week? I haven’t seen a recruitment consultancy ad for weeks); people being highly suspicious of why I wanted to give up freelancing; and frankly some very unpleasant interviews with people who had the social graces of a rottweiler . (Clue, you don’t have to approach a prospective candidate like your fresh from the Guantanamo Bay School of Interview Techniques).

But now I have a proper, permanent job; a set of objectives just for me; the prospect of doing some training and learning more – hurrah on many levels.


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Perks of the job…

…but largely over-riding greed.

Last night I went to the CEW demonstration evening. This is an annual bunfight where the great and the good of the cosmetics industry gather to gather. Basically cosmetics company give away lots of gorgeous products so you can try them and then vote for the CEW awards. In actual fact, they give away lots of products so CEW members can justify their annual membership fee and don’t have to buy face cream for the next six months.

This was my first time and I realised I was woefully unprepared when I saw women literally queuing up with holdalls. However, I got a nice lot of lotions and potions promising to banish my wrinkles; some suncream for my forthcoming jaunt to the Caribbean; plus some goodies for the girls at work. So I am most pleased.

I’m slightly concerned about the greed I showed last night, scooping up the goodies offered but a) I do need face cream (with increasingly scientific formulae thanks to this wretched thing called the ageing process); and b) the kind ladies on the stands were only too happy to give it away.

Sometimes I love my job.

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3BT – 6th August

1. Cutting into a meltingly delicious sirloin at the best steak house in London.

2. An unexpected bloom from a rose that has been dormant for over two months.

3. The general pottering on Google images to find fun pictures for my presentation

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The art of procrastination

And wow have I been practicing it today! I have a presentation to prepare for an interview on Thursday and I have done everything I possibly can to avoid starting it (including writing this blog!).

I try to eat my sprouts first – ie do the boring, unpleasant chores before tucking into the more interesting things of the day and I suppose you could say that going to Tesco, doing the ironing and tidying up the garden are indeed sprout like activities. However, today they have been a positively joyful distraction┬áto put off the commitment of thought to paper. I suspect it is because I do not trust my brain to have a decent thought let alone grapple with a 20 minute presentation on the future of healthcare PR.

I have now run out of any thing I could reasonably use to avoid wrangling my thoughts…(although I could attempt to work out why my spellchecker hates anything ending in ‘ing’. NO! Get your laptop into gear woman and write the damn thing).

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Lost in Show Biz? Lost in Some Biz certainly

Found this blog today and it made me laugh and cringe in equal measure. PR people, my colleagues, how can you get it so wrong?!

By the way, I realise it’s taken me three months to actually “find” this blog but you know I could spend all day looking at blogs end up not seeing them all (and likely end up jobless and friendless as well).

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Social networking guru*

Just because I’m really interested in all this stuff, I have volunteered myself for a project at work looking at a social networking model for a client. At the moment the most frustrating thing about this will be when I leave this job (in a mere two weeks) and the project gets passed on to someone else. I suspect that between now and then the most frustating thing will be client’s reponse to my counsel that they can’t just pretend to be a punter and post some rather overtly branded communication on youtube hoping that your average youtuber will think “what marvellous advice, I must go and try these products”. I may need luck.

*I would like to point out I am not a social networking guru and that title must surely belong to Suw, however in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

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I’m a PR – please don’t tar us with the same brush

I could be pre-judging the entire situation but knowing people who have worked with her, I am dreading Lynne Franks being on I’m a Celebrity. As much as many people don’t believe it, most PR is quite a serious discipline (okay it’s not up there with charity work or medical ethics but it’s not fluffy and is increasingly less populated with Chelsea girls filling in time before they marry Tarquin): it’s not about spin and it’s not about lunches. I suspect I may have more battles in trying to persuade people about the validity of my job as she prances round the jungle.

I would like to point out that I have never watched this programme nor do I intend to start now. In fact I am decidedly off reality TV.

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