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So Good They Named It Twice

So excited, off to NY tomorrow. Hurrah!


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The green green grass

Is making a return. This is a good thing.

All the weeds have gone a mad growth spurt. This is a bad thing.

 The dandelion. Scourge of my garden. Bane of my life.

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Brits Abroad Part Two

I don’t want to be overly critical but another rant about the Great British abroad is their reluctance to try any thing new from the menu. Gross over-generalisation I know but why – when I ordered grilled squid – did the waiter take pains to point out that it wasn’t calamari (you know those nice breadcrumbed elastic bands) and did I want chips with it?

Half the fun of going on holiday is trying out new food and I was sorely disappointed at the marina where I stayed that eight out of 10 restaurants were pizza/pasta places, one was a Chinese and one actually looked rather luscious (but obviously a no go for singletons – pah!). It would have been vaguely acceptable if I’d been in Italy but I was in Spain! Oh and strange pizza and pasta places that do a full English of a morning – class.

Also, what do we drink with our meals? Do we sample the local wine? Of course not! Pints all round – usually beer but I also saw an inordinate number of people drinking pints of coke!

I have many theories on why we are so crap at eating proper food in this country but the menus when I was on holiday gave a clue. The Children’s Menu. Abandon all hope of nutritional eating when faced with the children’s menu which will invariably include: cheese and tomato pizza (the best option), chicken nuggets, sausage and chips or a burger. And parents will order this crap night after night. Why not choose something a bit more interesting from the main menu and ask for a small portion, or order a starter or order something that can be shared as a family? But bearing in mind the adults are mostly eating spagetti bolognese or ham and pineapple pizza, I suppose I am being overly hopeful.

As an aside, the most interesting pizza topping I saw: cheese, tomato, pineapple, banana and apple. That’s not a pizza, that’s a fruit salad and wrong in so many ways.

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At last it’s over

It’s always very exciting when I can blog at the weekend. I only have dial up at home so really can never be bothered with the excruciatingly slowness of tinterweb. However, my parents are of course light years ahead of me technologically (well they have broadband) so here I am in the deepest darkest countryside doing my blogging. I really must get broadband but with the domestic situation, the Beloved is reluctant to commit to contracts (let’s face it, he’s reluctant to commit to anything).

Anyway, so big surprise young Pete won Big B. I suppose in the absence of any particular interest in any of the contestants, he was as good a winner as anyone else. Oh I’m probably being too harsh. He was sweet and great entertainment value.

Big Brother has really got to sort itself out for next year. My top tip, stop bringing in new people ALL THE TIME. It’s about voting people out and you just get exhausted when there are new people coming in every bloody week. It will be interesting to see the legal wranglings about Nikki going back into the house. I understand why people feel cheated by I expect it will fizzle out, I mean is it worth it for 50p or however much a phone call costs?

So the next reality TV-athon is X Factor which I always swear I’m not going to watch and then end up hooked. The thing is the opening few shows where you get the loons singing out of tune and being totally hysterical when they’re told ‘no way’, are just so entertaining and you think, ‘I’ll just watch the auditions, that’ll be fine, I won’t get sucked in’. Next thing you know it’s Christmas and you’re considering parting with hard-earned cash to ensure your favourite wins. Bloody ridiculous, I am such a sucker.

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The blogosphere – it’s so cool II

As you will observe, I have worked out my blogroll. I’m v proud because I did it all by myself!

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The blogosphere – it’s so cool

I’ve been discovering lots of lovely new blogs recently. Okay, you have to understand these are not new blogs, they are wonderfully well-established and being read regularly by other members of the blogosphere, but I’ve only recently started looking at some of them (I’m even tempted to comment but haven’t quite got to that stage of braveness yet).

Anyway, I want to add them to my Blogroll but, for some reason, I can’t get the Blogroll to show up on this template and IT’S REALLY ANNOYING ME! I have found a template that shows the Blogroll but then I lose the calendar and other useful things.

When I have found a way of doing it, I will tell you why I like Petite Anglaise, Chocolate and Vodka, Random Acts of Reality etc – but you probably know why I like them already…because you’ve been reading them for ages.


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Brits Abroad – Part One

Oh why do we have to let ourselves down so badly? And I’m not talking about particularly loutish behaviour. Mainly I’m talking about the sartorial challenge of football shirts.

Whole families in football shirts.


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