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2014? How is this possible?

Okay so the blog has been badly neglected for two whole years. That’s pretty bad. I am having some thoughts about how I might use my trusty old blog in the future…hopefully will come up with a vague solution soon.


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The perils of job hunting and the psyche

I know it’s not personal but job rejections are truly damaging and when you are doing nothing but job hunting, it’s like everything you’re doing is worthless and wasted.
Third interview tomorrow and I’m already in knots about it.

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The joys (or otherwise) of exercise

As I may have mentioned, I am not committed to the body beautiful, in fact I HATE gyms with a passion (the sweaty people, the stinky trainer smell and the rather over-enthusiastic sales people). However, having some spare time on my hands (someone please give me a job soon) and given that the last time I was out of work I put on about a stone and a half which I then couldn’t shift, I thought I really ought to do something. So I started with some Wii which is absolutely brilliant as you don’t have to get dressed (not that I do it naked, but often don’t get more elaborate than my PJs), in fact it’s just putting a couple of batteries in and off you go. And I have been doing it …every day…and nothing’s happened. Admittedly nothing happening does encompass not putting any weight on which is something of a result but it’s a bit dispiriting when you’ve been sweating away for at least half an hour a day and not lost a milligram.

So I admit it, I made a mistake. I moaned about this situation to the Beloved who is a committed gym bunny (five days a week plus swimming) who, of course, offered practical (ie irritating) advice. So today I found myself at.a.gym. I know you could have knocked me down with a feather as well. Now I have to say, so far so good. It was fairly quiet so no one sweated over me, it didn’t smell at all bad and the ladies’ changing room has a steam room and a sauna so that’s a bit of a perk. And no one has tried a hard sell yet. In fact they have given me a free pass for a month instead of the five days I originally signed up for (I suspect gym bunny boy slipped them a fiver to keep me off the streets!). I’m even thinking about going to some classes. Goodness gracious what has come over me?!



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White goods

So having finally got a new shower sorted (after six months of faffing about), my fridge has decided to give up which is all very annoying. Having done a late night freezer run to my mother in law, I am attempting to fix the potential problem (what did we do before tinterweb and the joy of Googling “my fridge isn’t working but my freezer is fine?). But, in the mean time thought I ought to check out possible new contenders for pride of place in my newly decorated kitchen (oh yes it’s been all go here). And I have been quite literally stunned by the potential bling fest of white goods available. Really? £9,500 for a fridge? At that price I’d expect it to order all my food and possibly cook some of it! Suffice to say I shall (if necessary) be buying a more modest “keeping food cold” type of model.

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Hmmm..a week and then a week. This time last week I was employed, my surrounding neighbourhoods had not been looted and I was part of a two person household. HOWEVER…the changes (job seeking, sandwiched in between rioting and a lodger) have not all been bad. I am looking upon the redundancy as a salary increase opportunity, the rioting/looting/civil disrest as an opportunity to improve our society (see previous post about brooms), and it’s fun having someone to share my downtime at home with.

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Why London Rocks

We are the best city in the world. Don’t mess with us and stop letting us and yourselves down

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3BT continued

Forgot to add:
1. The lovely ladies at Bravissimo. Been having all sorts of contraption problems causing great discomfort. Turns out I am actually a back size smaller and three (yes three) cup sizes bigger. So although I now gulp at my bra size and husband feels cheated that they’re “that big” and look nothing like Jordan, I am actually so much more comfortable.
2. Cherry earrings. Because to be honest what’s the good of a cherry if you can’t do an earring?
3. The Internet. Just generally. What. Did. We. Do. Without. It? Today I have looked up recipes, chatted with friends, found out news, watched interesting things, tried to file my tax return (failed but that’s another story), done shopping. And really only been on it a little bit. Wow!

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