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3BT – 31st July

Possibly more than three

1. Went to see Carlos Acosta at The Coliseum. Was somewhat nervous by the reviews and, although it could have done with “more dancing”, I really enjoyed it. Although agreed with the critic (sorry can’t find the link) who said it could/should have been staged at the Tate Modern.

2. Hated what I was wearing yesterday. You know when you just put something on and it grows progressively more grim as the day goes on? Well, I felt so lucky that I could just pop to Hennes, buy a £12 top and feel instantly more human. Also bought a pair of shoes which weren’t entirely on the agenda but are lovely and I have bought a pair of lovely shoes until last October which is actually QUITE A LONG TIME  (well for me).

3. British athletes being fab, especially the beautiful Jessica Ennis and the passionate Mo Farrar.

4. Eating delicious food hand delivered from my parents garden (even though it’s nearly 100 miles away). And transforming courgettes (which are normally watery and a bit bleurgh) thanks to a recipe from the lovely Ruth and Rose – page 155 of The River Cafe Blue Book.

5. Sondheim at the Proms. There are few words apart from Judi Dench rocks.

6. The power of Twitter and this week’s story about Clare Balding.

7. Newly clean curtains and windows (although they need to drop about an inch – the curtains not the windows).

8. A spurt of ridiculously early morning energy counterbalanced by an afternoon nap.


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3RANT – 1st February

1. This really annoys me. It might sound pathetic in the grand scheme of things but it really annoys me when people treat language as unimportant. It’s just laziness. Apostrophes (and grammar in general) are remarkably easy to master if you just put the effort in. For goodness sake I managed to teach the basic premise of an apostrophe to my lovely African ladies and I am no teacher and they were hardly (with all due respect) the creme de la creme of students (excuse me whilst I come over all Miss Brodie).

2. The general craziness of Terminal 3 last night. It took 25 minutes to get through the tunnel at Heathrow and past the car park barriers (even then we crawled up the ramps, clutch control was required big time). I have  no idea if there should be a third runway at Heathrow (on the plus side it would stop them building it elsewhere and let’s face it, it probably has to be built; on the down side, the planes will fall out of the sky one day because there isn’t enough oil), but what I do know is that as a national airport is a disgrace and I feel slightly ashamed that it’s many people’s first impression of our country. (My parents are home safe and sound after two months though so this is a good thing).

3. Giving up smoking is bloody difficult. It’s not the nicotine, it’s the habit and when things go awry (as they have done big time this week), my (un)natural reaction is to have a fag. Grrr…this is annoying.

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Things I have noticed

Apparently you can catch obesity. Well that would help explain the many different sizes of clothes in my wardrobe (well I prefer it to just generally being a lardy slob).

I wonder if you can catch Tim Henman-itus as well? It would explain Mr Murray’s rather disappointing display this morning.

I love the new Cadbury ad.

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