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The weekend and random stuff

So finally got round to seeing SATC on Saturday morning. There’s something that feels a bit naughty going to the cinema in the am but then we all need a bit of naughty indulgence now and then. There were only four people in the cinema and – because they had allocated seating – we were all sat next to each other! Eventually we moved so we weren’t in each other’s laps (because there’s something a bit icky about watching a sex scene at the cinema when you’re on your own and so is the man next to you – call me old fashioned I know. Actually why was there a single man watching SATC? Strange stuff).

I really enjoyed it but then I really enjoyed the series, it wasn’t as funny as it could have been, some parts were far too predictable and it took product placement to a whole new level. But hey it’s fun not a cerebral exercise.

I was on my own this weekend so managed to get quite a lot done. Had to do mad frenzy cleaning as my parents are staying the night tomorrow and I am constantly wracked with the fear that my house never quite reaches my mum’s standards of cleanliness (mind you I work full time, she doesn’t and she has a cleaner).

Also spent quite a lot of the weekend being ranty at the television, especially the news. I cannot add anything original or intelligent to the debate about Zimbabwe but it’s a heart-breaking situation. I really wish Mandela would speak out. I know he has left politics behind him and will soon be retiring from public life (he’s 90 and deserves to put his feet up) but this is a subject on which he could have a powerful voice. In the spirit of “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem…”┬áthen by NOT speaking out African leaders are condoning Mugabe’s treachery (and just don’t get me started on the crappily ineffectual Mbeki).

FOOTNOTE: Not entirely sure a post should start with SATC and end with Mugabe but hey, the random blitherings of my brain never could be fathomed


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…and not mine!

I went for an interview on Friday (13th – was never going to be auspicious) which was really hard core and even included a mock ‘hostile’ TV interview (the joy!). The job is reasonably interesting although it would be something of a departure for me so I spent ages reading up about it all and generally trying to be professional in approach. Had the interview, seemed to go reasonably well, then got the phone call that ‘whilst they loved me, my skill set wasn’t exactly the match they were looking for blah blah blah’. Slightly disappointing at the time but fair enough.

So this morning get a phone call saying there had been a miscommunication and they had got me confused with someone else (hard to believe considering they gave their feedback within five minutes) so could I go to the second round of interviews?!

Perhaps I am too cynical but I think there’s something else going on and really don’t want to put myself through another tough interview if I’m already at a disadvantage (one theory is that they need to take x number of people through to the next stage and one has dropped out so I’ll just be there to make up the numbers). On the other hand they could have – belatedly – realised my various charms!

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Light-headed moments

I have my liver scan this morning. I am not allowed to eat for six hours prior to the appointment but considering I didn’t feel like getting up at 5am for a snack, it has been 15 hours since I last ate. I am feeling somewhat light-headed and headachey. Grrr. Oh well, at least I can have an ‘oh so exciting’ glass of water.

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Still not feeling perky – in fact a right old moan bag

Redundancy is playing heavy on my mind – well more to the point, looming days of unemployment are filling me with dread. I’ve had some thoughts about things I can do but none of them seem particularly suited to paying bills which is a worry.

In addition, the vultures are back circling round my parents making odd noises about legal advice and other nonsense. Still no sign of the photos. If I was them I would not being drawing legal attention to the fact they have stolen photos from the Estate but there you go.

Have to go back to hospital tomorrow for a liver ultrasound. I am not looking forward to this.

I am also feeling fat.

Oh I do need to get a grip and stop being such a misery guts.

FOOTNOTE: would seem I’m not the only one on this fair isle feeling a bit sorry for myself – it’s part of our British make up

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Technorati…still driving me nuts

It has been going on far too long and I’m not the only one who has noticed.

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Lost…and found

I am delighted that Lost re-found itself this season. The “conclusion” of the “will they/won’t they/how do they” get off the island was a brave move and (I think) has really re-engaged the loyal fans (those that aren’t loyal stopped watching it ages ago).

I am less delighted with other things on the small screen. Why has Channel 4 mucked about with Desperate Housewives? Did we really need a break? Is the crappiness that is BB any real substitute?

Which of course brings me back to my love/hate relationship with Big Brother. Every year I vow I will not get sucked in and every year I fail – even last year when I wasn’t in the country for the final few weeks. So I watched them all go in but I haven’t tuned in since. Luckily the football is providing a suitable distraction so by the time I’m tempted because “there’s nothing else on tell”, I won’t have engaged (or so the theory goes).

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Popcorn please

Actually not popcorn because I’m not a big cinema snacker.

I still haven’t been to see SATC. However, I have found a girly friend who will go with which is good news. I now just have to navigate my way around football fixtures to find a date.

Beloved and I still haven’t been to see Indiana Jones. Doesn’t help that:

  • he pathologically hates the cinema
  • aforementioned football

I’m going to try and do diary bashing because the next big film of the summer is only just over a month away and the rate we’re going we’ll just have to camp out at the cinema until we’ve seen them all.

Did see Cloverfield the other week. Good film although (to my mind) didn’t really need the sci-fi stuff – could have just been a good thriller with an unidentified “baddie”. To that end, I’m also looking forward to The Happening (although suspect that will be a small screen outing only) – is it me or are we strangely obssessed with apocalyptic films en ce moment?

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