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3RANT – 31st March

1. And the point of trainers with high heels is? Okay, I have and understand trainers – they’re vile with little aesthetic purpose but (rather like Jennifer Patterson’s pronouncements on yogurt for poorly tummies) I get the purpose. But with heels? You can’t run in the damn things and they look ridiculous. No, it is wrong.

2. Going out on a social occasion for a work-related event on a Monday? Wrong. Invented by sad people. Added to which if you’re going to have a pub quiz don’t have four questions on ths year’s BRITS and all the questions on music and film. I never thought I’d be in a situation where I wanted to be asked to identify a flag or what are the smallest bones in the body.

3. Realising when the alarm goes off that you don’t need to be up until two hours later. Grrr.


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Ada Lovelace Day – Suw Charman Anderson

This is such a great idea and – for fear of seeming like a complete brown nose – I want to blog about Suw because she is the person who introduced me to the world of blogging and completely inspired me to get involved in technology in a way that I never thought possible (a school our only brush with computers was drawing a triangle which changed colour!).

I met Suw in 2006 through my work. She was brought in to teach us PRs about blogging and what a sceptical bunch we were. “What’s all this internet nonsense, I’m far too busy to concern myself with something so niche” was the general consensus but there was something about Suw and her vision for the blogosphere that I found totally inspiring. I am still to persuade a client to do anything remotely useful via social media but I keep plugging away and I do think this year I may actually make some decent headway. 

Suw has always been eminently patient and helpful and she likes a decent glass of wine which is always a good thing. 

You can read more about Suw here (but I’m guessing that if you know about Ada Lovelace, you know about its founder).

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3BT – 23rd March

Beautiful things from my holiday…(there are more than three – hurrah!)


1. Frigate birds – in flight they look like pteradactyls (well pictures of pteradactyls obviously not actually being that old to have seen one myself).

2. Seeing a nurse shark basking whilst I was snorkelling (and snorkelling itself as I’ve never done it in open water before and it was really cool).

3. A eight foot round brain coral which I’ve never seen before and apparently eight foot is quite big.


1. Imagine the horror of 75 teenage boys turning up on your holiday. But actually these boys (who were on a cricket tour – in Antigua, beats my French exchange trip to Le Havre) were terribly polite and well-behaved. In fact they were quieter en masse than various groups of other children who seemed to think shrieking and whining were the only ways to get what they wanted.

2. Antiguans are quite the most laid back people. Even people trying to sell you something beat a respectful retreat when you say you’re not interested.

3. Meeting new friends. Some of them will hopefully become more permanent features in my life.

Food and drink (obviously)

1. Strawberry daquiris – strangely addictive. As were “Neil’s Specials” – a delicious mixture of vodka, pomegranate and something else (which makes it special). Plus a well-made Bloody Mary. I have been addicted to Bloody Marys from the Caribbean since I was eight years old. No, my parents were errant…the barman used to make them without the vodka and they were called Bloody Shames. But my addiction to spicy blends of tomato and lime juice with lashings of Tabasco was born.

2. Rice and peas. I love rice and peas. Plus I ate so much fish I could have swum home (my extremely extended tummy would have been an ideal buoyancy aide). So rice and peas and Caribbean fish…a trip to Brixton is called for methinks.

3. Having an omelette made for for me for breakfast. Despite my culinary skills, I am not very good at making omelettes so having a tomato and mushroom omelette was a total treat (and I was very good and didn’t have cheese).


I saw three – how useful for this post.

1. Vicky Christina Barcelona.

2. Rachel’s Getting Married.

3. Doubt.

I’m not inclined for large critiques at the moment. But I really enjoyed them all.

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Nearly ready

Well I am fake baked (look like an extra from Les Mis), getting the toe nails made pretty tomorrow and have various items strewn across the spare bed (always a bit last minute me on the basis that noone didn’t go on holiday because they hadn’t packed).

Am I looking forward to my holiday?

Hmmm…walked out of work today feeling remarkably light at the prospect of not having to work for a whole week and a day. And, on the whole, I really like my job so I think I am just ready for a break.

Am looking forward to a change of scenery, being looked after/pampered (massage booked for Monday afternoon).

Am looking forward to going to a new place, meeting new people and the steel band at Shirley Heights on Sunday.

Have a whole pile of books (although suspect not enough) and they’re a rather eclectic collection as they’re borrowed, bought and freebies:

Emotionally Weird – Kate Atkinson

The Welsh Girl – Peter Ho Davies

The Chimney Sweeper’s  Boy – Barbara Vine

The Golden Notebook – Doris Lessing

The Almost Moon – Alice Sebold

I’ll put links in if I think they’re good (or – more likely – if I remember).

Not necessarily looking forward to the mental leap of holidaying on my own and being ‘single’. Nor the fact that I really do have to think about what the bobbins I’m doing with my life/relationship thing.

On the whole though I am so ready for a break. So let’s say “hurrah” and watch this space for a sensible person to emerge.

As a total aside, just watched the Kili climb for Red Nose Day. So fab. If you can’t do something funny for money just give some money and help. It is my favourite charity event (although memories of my car’s red nose being mangled in a particularly gory car accident 20 years ago live on. Luckily the car was the major casualty although I still can’t look over my left shoulder!)

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3BT – 7th March

1. Meeting my lovely friend for brunch.

2. Finding a gorgeously different summer dress for my holiday.

3. Going to meditation class and relaxing. Although I suspect that falling asleep three times in 20 minutes means that I might be sleep deprived.

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I’m particularly keen on photos of clouds and the sea, so I was delighted to come across these the other day.

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3BT – 1st March

Beautiful things from my weekend in Glasgow…

1. Successful shopping. I am a bit rubbish at shopping in London – too crowded, too spread out and generally a bit blah, so I like going to other cities where the shops are far more sensibly arranged. In Glasgow I managed to shop and bought these (how gorgeous?!) and bought books. I haven’t bought books in a shop for so long (Amazon being my best book friend), I’d forgotten how lovely it is, looking at covers, seeing new covers for old books, fulfiling the joyful “3 for 2”. I may have to slow down on the reading front though, I read “The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas” yesterday (they you are having a nice read and “wham” that ending hits you) and “The Reader” today (extraordinarily thought-provoking) – yes a slight theme I know. But, at this rate, my entire suitcase will be full of books with no room for clothes when I go on holiday (in just 13 days – hurrah!).

2. Extraordinarly cheesy night clubs. Such fun, but…when and where did I learn all the lyrics to “I Think We’re Alone Now“? Now obviously I have no credibility AT ALL. I don’t even remember EVER even liking the song! I do have a theory though; if I could rid my head of all the useless lyrics in my head, I could probably use the brain power to come up with something really useful like world peace…

As an aside, top tip for boys on night club etiquette…if there is a group of girls (especially those of us of a certain age) dancing in a circle on a dance floor, do NOT (under any circumstances) try to get into the circle, try to break the circle, or try to come on to one of the girls. If we’re feeling brave, you will be ejected, otherwise we’ll just regroup and you will look very very silly. Obviously we’re all gorgeous, attractive and having lots of fun which is why you want to dance with us, but we’re being gorgeous on our own terms thank you very much!

3. Seeing an old friend. When you’ve been really good friends with someone and then lost touch, you sort of don’t know how it’s going to be when you see each other again but I just love it when, within 5 minutes, you’re totally back to where you were 10 years ago (admittedly with a few more wrinkly, saggy bits but who was looking at those?!).  Also, she’s been through a really tough time and is  now super-happy which is wonderful.

All in all an absolutely great weekend (although possibly could do with another weekend to get over it – up at 5am yesterday for my flight and 6am this morning thanks to the stompy gremlins in my head)!

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