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Happy new year…fingers crossed

Have hardly logged on over Christmas – no particular reason. I’ve just been hibernating in my sofa – not on my sofa, I have actually sat on it for so long I am actually IN the sofa.

Off to Dublin for a wedding on new year’s day which is a very odd day to have a wedding and not at all inconvenient nor expensive for guests (much), but probably quite cheap for the reception venue hire (yes, I really am too cynical).

Will try to improve my blogging for 2008.


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School’s out

So I’ve broken up for Christmas and I’m looking forward to the break although one of the disadvantages of being a contractor is the no work=no pay malarkey which is a touch depressing and will probably turn into really depressing when those pesky credit card bills turn up in January.

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I hate Rupert Lowe

Is he in league with the devil – or worse, Happy Harry?

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General witterings

I am so bad at blogging at the moment. I would like to blame an exciting social whirl and a fascinating jet set job but I can’t!

It has been a bit of a struggle getting back into the work thing. I started this job so quickly that I didn’t have time to sort out any admin so I feel like I’m constantly behind. I think I need to do a nine day fortnight so I can actually get stuff sorted out at home. Especially as the light problem is continuing…for the past few weeks bulbs have been blowing on a fairly regular basis which is worrying and annoying. Fortunately most of them are just bulbs but the transformer went in the dining room – electrician job, and the main strip light in the kitchen has a very specialist bulb that you can’t find in normal shops – grrr!

It is good being back amongst the gainfully employed though and I’m excited about getting paid this week (well till I realise how much the taxman will have nabbed).

I’ve been spending a tad too much time on Facebook but it is really useful for keeping up with the friends I made in Africa – can make you into a nosey old madam sometimes though!

The main reason I haven’t been blogging is that my brain seems very full up of non-interesting things and there have been very few glimmers of anything that could pass for an original thought for a while. Whilst Christmas remains a frightening prospect in most ways, I am looking forward to having a few days of just being able to think a bit (well outside of the confines of tube rage, work panic, and domestic drudgery).

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On the 1st day of Christmas

Why would you want to wash a turkey? Beats me.

I am feeling rather smug because I have ordered all my Christmas food (although Ocado – “we’ve released new delivery slots” – have let me down which is v annoying). It’s a pretty low key Christmas this year though with just me and the Beloved. I don’t think either sets of families are delighted but we just want a Christmas without everyone looking at us because no matter where we go, we do feel as if we’re being scrutinized and we’re under enough pressure as it is. Despite it’s low keyness, the bill is still rather disturbing which is a bit of a mystery as Christmas dinner is – in effect – just a poshed up Sunday roast and neither of us like mince pies, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake etc (it’s a dried fruit thing rather than a bah humbug thing honest). I’ve even resisted the overwhelming ‘need’ for Twiglets and Bendicks mints although I’m sure I’ll cave on the latter at some point.

Rather foolishly I am attempting to do my remaining Christmas shopping this evening. I had meant to go last night but spent the day feeling horribly sick and the prospect of battling with shopping hungry crowds did not aid the digestion at all. Actually though the shopping may not be too bad tonight as it seems about 75% of people will be at Christmas parties, well I live in hope! I haven’t got too many things to get. The one advantage of falling out with most of my family this year means the Christmas present buying and the Christmas card list has been significantly shortened although I do seem to be buying an inordinate amount of presents for children – why are all my friends so intent on producing? At some point I really do need to make a conscious decision to STEP AWAY FROM THE PRESENTS FOR SMALL PEOPLE.

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The Golden Compass – in the right direction

Went to see the much anticipated (well in our house) Golden Compass last night with some trepidation and some excitement. I loved the books so much that I was scared the film would be too Hollywood-ised, there has been much talk about the removal of the religious aspects of the book and I was nervous it would just turn into a romping adventure with too little soul. In actual fact, the fudging of the religious references made little impact in this film (although by the third I suspect this will be a more difficult path to negotiate) and the Magisterium remains the embodiment of organised religion which is promising.

In terms of casting, I was excited by the prospect of Nicole Kidman as Mrs Coulter and she did not disappoint (although there was something very odd going on with her lips which I did find distracting). Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel had a lot to live up to as Timothy Dalton (another Bond – coincidence? I’m not sure) had played the part so well in the National’s stage adaptation. It’s not so much that he disappointed, it’s just that his character was watered down so much, there was little sense of his danger or ruthless streak. Again, it will be interesting to see how that develops.

The joy in the casting was Dakota Blue Richards who was a wonderful Lyra. She was as far away from Hollywood as you could get (they didn’t even try to fix her teeth – hurrah!) and was utterly convincing as a feisty potential saviour of the world. The role helped make Anna Maxwell Martin a star and I hope it will do the same for Dakota (although not in some horrible child star way PLEASE!).

I have referred to the stage production already and that set the standard for me – this didn’t come near it. Having said that, on the whole, I enjoyed the film and it certainly was better than I had thought it would be when I heard Chris Weitz was directing it. My major gripe though was the breakneck speed of its second half and the “happy ending” which is so different from the book.

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Is the special one on his way?

Yes, it’s advent so you could indeed say the special one is on his way, but the special one I’m talking about is a 40-something, brooding, Portuguese, football management maestro. I suspect his whole interest in the England job thing is a bit of a red herring designed to keep his profile high amongst the sexier European clubs but it would be delightful to have him back on these shores (although his dog might not agree).

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