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Pricky things

Had my jab this morning (the delightful 3 monthly routine) and I am curious to know why I always feel dreadful afterwards? It’s a very odd headachey dizzy feeling – bleurgh!

I have been having these jabs for over 10 years. They drive me mad but what drives me even more mad is the 20 questions I always get when I have one. Perhaps this is because I have a poor relationship with my surgery and rarely see the same dr twice (this is largely because they have a shocking turnover of locums), but they all seem to act like I don’t really need them and I am obviously choosing to have this ridiculously painful injection for my own jollies. This is highly unlikely: I have tests every year which all show that I need to keep taking the medicine (as it were); I always have been needle phobic; and why the heck would I choose to visit that dreadful surgery any more than I have to? Argh!!!


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3BT – 30th July

1. The amazing video of Christian the Lion

2. The joy of finding lost but not forgotten friends on Facebook

3. Satisfaction in clearing surfaces and finding homes for various ‘things’

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The news

I am really annoyed by the London Tonight‘s report on Amy Winehouse’s latest hospital escapade. It was just so derisory. I don’t actually know why I worry about her but everytime I see a picture of her or hear about her on the news I do think the poor girl will likely be dead far too soon. Luckily she was taken to UCHL which – in my experience – is a fantastic hospital.

I’ve also been so upset about the couple shot on honeymoon. I can’t help but wonder if the husband knew his new wife was dead, he would wish not to wake up. Perhaps that says more about my poor levels of self-esteem but I cannot imagine the agony of having your entire life snatched away when you are on the brink of something special.

I don’t know why these stories have hit me…but they have.

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3BT – 29th July

1. My three year old goddaughter confiding that she likes diamonds.

2. Randomly coming across my favourite episode of Family Guy on BBC3 just before bedtime.

3. The excitement of chilli flavoured chocolate.

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Of lists and tasks

I have always been a list maker – post its and bits of paper abound in my life but last year I gave them up. I found that the ‘to do’ list was actually making my life more difficult and the increasing number of unticked items was creating a pressure which – frankly – at the time I just didn’t need. So when I went to Africa I gave them up: cold turkey. To be honest it wasn’t that difficult as my ‘to do’ list comprised of just one thing: show up. Okay, to be fair to myself I did have to do lesson planning, photocopying, equipment buying etc but I found that having a simple, single purpose made everything much easier.

However, life in London without a regular job, looking after a home and just keeping up with general admin does require a tad more organisation so the lists came creeping back and, at the moment, I am finding them hugely valuable. My days are totally without structure at the moment and the lists help create a sense of achievement. But they have to be manageable. So I have a day ‘to do’ list and then a longer term one which I check every day and transfer any imminent deadlines or chunks of tasks to the daily one. I suspect that most sensible people know this but it’s taken me a while.

I also don’t put things that should be pleasurable or interesting like ‘blog’ on the ‘to do’ list because it creates a pressure that makes blogging a chore. I am learning to be kinder to myself: if I want to blog I will, if I don’t then I will not beat myself up about it.

Going back to daily tasks – in modern society and as a woman, we pride ourselves on the ability to multi-task but often multi-tasking leads to incredible stress and under-achievement. This means I have my list and instead of going through it one by one, I try to do three things at the same time. So I start one thing, get distracted by another and then skip to something else – before I know it the day has disappeared and task one is still only half done. The ability to multi-task is important and valuable – suddenly things land on your desk, door step or by whatever means and you have to deal with them whilst juggling other activities – but very often you’re much better off just doing ONE THING AT A TIME.

Getting myself sorted and being kinder to myself is still very much a work in progress (I suspect that it will be a lifelong work in progress) but I am being much less rigid with myself and – for me – that is a major achievement.

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Party party

I’ve had a bit of a party-tastic weekend which has been fun although we seem to have worn an unfeasible amount of clothing which means my washing machine has been going all morning.

Picked up a hire car on Friday and I remembered that I really do like driving. However, this car had all the power of a Tonka toy and as much as I tried to put my foot down, it just wanted to pootle along with minimal road-handling. Oh well, it was fun to get behind the wheel after more than a year.

Rather illegally the Beloved showed me his newly learnt driving skills – and he is marvellously good. I’m really hoping he passes his test soon and we can get our own car.

So the first party was a rather belated birthday bash for my Dad who has decided to have an official birthday rather like some royal personage. I did point out though that if he wanted official birthday presents as well as real birthday presents he would have to get a year older. He has decided to stick to 65. It was a beautiful evening on Saturday so we could all sit outside at the table groaning with food – my mother over-caters on a national level (mind you so do I). I kept thinking “I’ve got a really early start tomorrow, do NOT drink too much Champagne.” What happened? I drank rather too much Champagne. And stayed up till one o’clock doing the clearing up. The alarm going off at 7.30 was an unpleasant shock. However the Beloved decided to take up all the grumpy tetchiness despite the fact he’d had at least two hours more sleep than me. Hmph!

The reason for our early start was a jaunt along the south coast to the christening of my goddaughter’s sister. Due to a lack of communication (which I suppose might be quite common when you have two children under three and another on the way), I hadn’t realised I was also to be godmother. So there we were sitting in the cheap seats when suddenly I had to go to the front. A tad embarrassing but very exciting. So I now have two delicious goddaughters. Hurrah!

As we were coming back last night I was extremely abstemious during the day but didn’t count on the fact that I was going to get a steaming sun-induced headache (not to mention a burnt shoulder or two – oops!). Plus the A23 on a Sunday evening after a hot, sunny day – well car park is probably a more accurate description. At least the tiny toy car had air-conditioning which meant I felt much better by the time we got back and happily tackled the unpacking and watering and those other dull domestic duties required after a weekend of fun, whilst the Beloved insisted he was far too tired and had to go to bed. I am quite concerned he may have narcolepsy (although thinking about the day it probably had more to do with the copious quantities of mojitos sloshing about the christening party!

But what a nice weekend – and all this sunshine is really helping (although could it rain during the night so that I don’t have to lug a watering can around the garden for about half an hour every evening?)

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40 word meme

I found this at Musings from the Sofa – which I do enjoy reading.

For some reason I just cannot blog at the moment. Lack of human contact and an overdose of daytime TV has turned my brain to porridge (and not the tasty Scottish type).

The rules are simple: one word answers to 40 questions.

Where is your cell phone? Handbag

Your significant other? Suffering

Your hair? Uncontrollable

Your mother? Over-protective

Your father? Bonkers

Your favourite time of day? Sunset

Your dream last night? Nightmare

Your favourite drink? Champagne

Your dream goal? Happiness

The room you’re in? Dusty

Your ex? Abroad

Your fear? Death

Where do you want to be in six years? Settled

What are you not? Content

Your favourite meal? Chicken

One of your wish list items? Botox!

The last thing you did? Lunch

Where you grew up? Lonely

What are you wearing? Shorts

Your TV is? Annoying

Your pets? Dead

Your computer? Slow

Your life? Confusing

Your mood? Dissatisfied

Missing someone? Yes

Your car? Hired

Something you’re not wearing? Shoes

Favourite store? Ryman’s

Your summer? Lengthy

Your favourite colour? Purple

When is the last time you laughed? Sunday

When is the last time you cried? Yesterday

Your health? Unpredictable

Your children? Twinkles

Your future? Uncertain

Your beliefs? Hopeful

Young or old? Old

Your image? Lacking

Your appearance? Unruly

Would you live your life over again knowing what you know? No

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