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It’s not that I’m feeling particularly unlucky


Laptop – irrepairable. They weren’t going to send it back to me so I could retrieve stuff from my hard drive (yes I know it should all be backed up but it isn’t so shoot me), I have however persuaded them that that would be completely unacceptable so they are returning the darned thing to me then I have to take it to the store and get a replacement (although currently thinking refund because I am mightily pissed off).

PDA – decided to reset itself. This means that I have virtually no contact details for anyone until I get my laptop back, can resync and then decide how to back that up (methinks pen and paper as I am increasingly technophobic).

Mobile – in for repairs so having to use an old handset which has about as much battery life as…well something with not much battery life. Also, in copying some of the numbers from my (currently being repaired) handset to the SIM, some gremlin got in and they haven’t transferred properly. Phone will be reset when I get it back so sync-ing my PDA and laptop becomes even more important.

Finally – well I hope this is finally because I’m not entirely sure how muh more I can take – my car looks as though it is a right off. This is because last night my lovely little soft top car was used as a stopping device by a drunk, banned driver who had stolen a car in Streatham and was being pursued by the police. I phoned the insurance people this morning and she was completely flummoxed by the story. I must admit I was very confused by it all at the time. The noise of the crash woke me up but I didn’t really know what was going on and just thought my car alarm had decided to go off. I had to look about three times (it was 3.10am) to work out what was going on: why my car was at least 6 inches up on the pavement; why it looked like someone had parked a car in the side of my little jalopy; and why there was a police car parked sideways into another car. In a way thank goodness it was a police chase because at least they were there and I wasn’t tempted to go down and get myself into a potentially dangerous situation with a drunk car thief (apparently he’s also banned until 2008 and a well-known drug addict – so an all-round nice chap!). They were very nice and told me to go and have a cup of tea and they’d come and see me when back up arrived to whisk nasty criminal man away. A 12 year old policewoman who was about 4 foot 6 came in and took my details and then they all said I should go to bed (one thing that did strike me was that there were about 8 police people dealing with this incident which was slightly surprising considering I thought they were all supposed to be finding car bombs). Well you try going to bed and going to sleep when you have no idea exactly what the damage is to your car (no way of telling at this point because of all the notes they had to make – probably made doubly long because the pursuing police car had hit a car on the other side of the road). I know it’s only a piece of metal but I am rather attached to it. Eventually (about 5am) the recovery vehicle came and removed the stolen car which was rather embedded in my car. Had another nice chat with the police: they borrowed my dustpan and brush to remove the rather enormous amount of glass on the road; they also told me I couldn’t drive the car as two of the tyres were now illegal and there’s a chance the front axel has gone. This is not to mention the horrible damage to the bodywork (the passenger door looks like it’s been attacked with a very large can opener). As it’s old it’s probably not going to survive although I live in hope. A slightly irksome point is that I spent £250 getting it serviced on Thursday – the irony.

I’m lucky in that I don’t use my car every day and there is public transport but it’s a bugger for those journeys which are much easier by car than tube (my house to Knightsbridge which is a regular Monday night trip; my house to Tulse Hill which is a regular Thursday night trip; shopping; taking my wretched laptop back when its eventually returned; going to visit my parents). It’s also been really handy with my bad ankle/foot. Plus of course the monsoon like weather means I am going to get wet.

They say things come in threes – I’m really hoping this has just been a blip rather than having to work myself up to another three.



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Laptop trauma

I know I haven’t blogged for ages, this is largely due to a lack of hardware. My laptop had developed an audio card problem so I phoned up PC World as it’s only six months old and was really annoying me. “No worries,” they said, “we’ll come and pick it up and the repair is likely to take five days.” So I thought that sounded all rather reasonable and sent it off. BIG MISTAKE.

Three weeks later there is no sign of my laptop, they are still waiting for a part and I have been struggling along with internet cafes and now – thank Crunchie – a borrowed laptop. Mysteriously when I have phoned up about the missing computer, the ‘average’ length of time for a repair has gone from 5-7 days to 7-10 days and is now a whopping 10-14 days. We are now on working day 15 and I am fairly livid. Annoyed at not having my laptop and REALLY annoyed at their crappy customer service.

So apart from frequenting many an internet cafe, what else have I been up to?

Went to Antibes for the weekend which was jolly nice except for the resulting sprained ankle – I still have black toes two and a half weeks later.

Have been trying to find some short term work and failing rather miserably. This is very annoying as there is loads of stuff out there but it’s all for at least three months and I’m off to Africa in less than two.

So I’ve been doing my TEFL course – although to be honest that’s been scuppered by the laptop situation – so I’ve only been able to do a bit this week. Got 91% for one module though so quite pleased.

Been doing tons of recovery work with varying degrees of success. On the whole it’s been okay but spent a lot of Sunday in the bath, in tears and on the phone to the Samaritans (not necessarily all at the same time) so probably a fair bit of room for improvement.

Day time TV has been a dominant feature. Not exactly thrillsville although Dallas remains gripping as it’s building up to the whole “who shot JR?” thing which was jolly exciting back in the day so (I’m hoping) will be equally gripping second time around.

I have also tried, and failed, to avoid Big Brother. Having convinced myself that I will not be in the country for the final few weeks, I was looking forward to a housemate free summer but no, some gremlin has got into the scheduling and, more often than not, BB fills that programme gap. My current thoughts on all the housemates are: Twins – surely not fair to lump them together all the time but they are pretty lightweight and pink so not much else to recommend them; Carol – heart’s in the right place but not everyone enjoys mothering, likely she’ll go this week; Chanelle – ah bless, a girl with issues and amusing hysterical outbursts (a la Nicki 2006), but her heart’s in the right place; Charley – annoying, self-absorbed, irritating, please remove her; Laura – annoying trouble-maker; Nicky – needs to lighten up, will her slight interest in Liam be her saving grace?; Tracy – seems a laugh but bit too remote from the rest of the group. As for the boys: Ziggy – takes himself a bit too seriously; Jerry – he’s growing on me, can’t quite decide if that’s because he’s increasingly appealing or because he’s like the vine weed that is the bain of my garden; Seany – see Charley, please get him out soon and someone also tell him cultivating the Mick Hucknall look os not to be recommended. Brian seems fun, he’s good-looking and seems to have a genuinely pleasant air about him; Jonathan – met far too many people like him and don’t like him; Liam seems a little dull although I think the target audience of BB will think he’s good looking and want to keep him in the house. Billy – can’t quite work him out yet but the Zoolander look is interesting. That is really sad, I have just spent ages writing about people in a house on a television, the phrase: “get a life” springs to mind.

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