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As a huge fan of the 70s series, we were both really keen to go and see Monkey: Journey to the West. So we booked our tickets and off we went.

The show is FANTASTIC. I was somewhat concerned by the music and laguage barriers but not a bit of it. It was brilliant, well acted, well performed, well composed, well staged…well you get the idea.

What was not so fantastic was Ticketmaster’s rather ridiculous choice of “best seats available” – the front row is not a good option. Nor was the type of seats O2 has installed in the temporary area. About fit for a size 8 midget – which I am not and certainly was not a description that could be applied to my enormous neighbour. I have complained. Yes I would wouldn’t I?


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Because I have wanted to say so much for so long but been afraid to. Not that I think these minor ramblings would affect anyone’s choice, but the mere fact I so wanted him to win meant I felt he was doomed (see East Village Idiot’s thoughts; by the way, I miss you) and (I’m sorry) I doubted the American people’s ability to get over the whole black thing. I don’t think he can sort out the whole world but I think he is (given the choice) the best man for the job. My fear is that we, in the UK, have kind of gone through this (I remember believing and hoping). That’s not to compare Obama with Blair (I hope).

I am aghast at Trevor Phillips. Admittedly we have a completely different political system in the UK which means personality politics should not be such an issue and possibly it is tougher to get to the top of the tree but, if the Conservative party (big and small c) could elect a female leader 33 years ago, then it is not an impossibility for any “minority”. (At this point there is no comment about what she did at the top of that tree – shit on everybody – or the fact that Hillary wouldn’t have been elected because the US is not that progressive). But his negativity is astounding. I get the whole impression with him that he’s not happy unless he is moaning – A LOT. No the UK is not perfect when it comes to equality and race relations but we’re a heck of a lot better than a lot of people and I wish he would stop putting down the UK population as a whole. He demeans the majority and creates an intellectual division where, frankly, there is none. (Yes, there are minorities whose politics are abhorrent but, to be honest, they are such an insignificant rat’s whisker, I refuse to give them blog time – which means, in part, I had a Wikipedia link in there and then it made me feel sick).

As a slight aside…despite the poorest week on Absolute’s morning show (used to be Virgin – are they going for all vodka analogies?) they did come up with this Obama moment. The visuals are poor but the mix is good.

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Really have been quite slack on the blogging front recently. Have written a couple of things and taken them down and am still suffering from vile germy-ness which means my head is having problems in the functioning department. Amazingly though – despite all this brain grottiness – I have managed to get this job extended which is marvellous news as I really don’t want to be going out into the big bad world looking for a job at the moment. Everyone’s on a recruitment freeze.

I actually have quite a lot of things I want to blog about, it’s just getting the headspace to translate random thoughts into some sort of coherent sentence type whatsit. You see what I mean?

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