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I know…I have neglected featherduster…I also have neglected my need for introspection and general self-indulgence.

I have been busy but honestly not too busy to blog. I’ve just lost the connection with being able to express myself which is sad because I’ve had so much interesting stuff going on.

I’ve been on holiday:

– Hong Kong/Vietnam – wow! Amazing holiday discovering amazing things and having a completely wonderful time.

– Marrakech – dry long weekend, beer at the airport as our flight home was delayed almost wiped me out (worrying effect of four days without booze, am I really such a lush?). Good fun exploring.

– Portugal – first trip back to hubby’s motherland since we were in the middle of marriage meltdown. Parts of it felt odd. But much sun and seafood saw off most problems!

I’ve seen films – loads of films. Mostly all good.

Read tons of books – I love my e-reader. Really enjoyed the Stieg Larsson trilogy. Much more than I thought I would. Tried to read something Twilight-ish. I just don’t get it which left me feeling rather old.

Watched Lost including getting up at 4.30 to catch the last episode. I was – on the whole – satisfied.

Had a dismal World Cup – England’s performance rather mirrored the success of my supporting record. However lots of Spanish people are happy and they’re generally a nation given to over-exuberance which is joyful when you come across them as I did last night. Waiting outside Tate Modern for my date and a group of Spanish students just sang for about half an hour. It really was fun (luckily they left before date turned up as he of the other Iberian persuasion and no love is lost).

Was mugged. At gun point. About 50 feet from my house. Not entirely pleasant. However, the police have been fantastic and I’ve met a whole new lot of neighbours which has been brilliant.

I have been tweeting and Facebooking but this is the thing: Twitter is for work, Facebook is for friends, Featherduster is for…well me largely, and – generally – I don’t like to mix my online presences.

Every single paragraph has started with “I” or a verb where I’ve just decided to omit the “I” because if I was proofreading this copy, I’d be attacking it with a red pen for starting all the paragraphs in the same way. Hmmm…am I just on the biggest ego trip known to the blogosphere? My busy-ness has been partly borne out of the usual problem of not being able to say “no” and partly self-induced. Friday nights are usually my home alone time (I am obviously officially old) but have veered towards an Ocado order and cooking enough for a small village (or enough food for a fortnight and then some in my case) whilst polishing off rather too much wine (see Marrakech…Houston we may have a problem). Why have I been avoiding myself or my blog? In blog terms, probably because I thought I ought to come back with something really interesting or important but didn’t feel I could muster anything sufficiently worthy. In terms of myself – just neglect.

Part of the reason I’ve been feeling proper feelings and stuck with my own thoughts recently is that I’ve had laryngitis for nearly six weeks. 40 days of virtually no voice. No speaking on the phone, ridiculous amounts of time off work, no meetings, no presentations, attempted conversations only to have to give up after a couple of minutes in pain and exasperation. Increasing frustration of everyone around me (but, I’m fairly convinced, nothing compared to my own frustration). Hospital next week – who knows?


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The Saints are marching down

I am not given to rampant and unnecessary swearing but this is highly distressing.

At least in 2005 I had to wait to last 10 minutes of the last game of the end of the season before I sat blubbing.

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And introducing…

I’ve been mulling this idea over for a few weeks and it’s a bastardisation of the lovely Clare Grant’s 3BT– for which I apologise but I am afraid I live in London and I’m cynical so I would like to introduce the 3 Really ANnoying Things or 3RANT. I will try my hardest to make 3BT more regular than 3RANT but there are times I just need to vent. I will attempt to stick at three but this has been brewing for a while…

1. I have revisited the joys of peak time public transport this week. Now on the whole public transport is a jolly excellent idea and I enjoy being able to go around London on my Oyster card (even though London public transport is the most expensive). But try to get anywhere in peak hours on time without leaving hours in advance…pah! Actually it’s the buses I have issue with at the moment rather than the tube.

But then you get on to the tube and you die in the heat (even in September). So hurrah they’ve announced air con. But will it be available on the tube lines that actually need it? Oh no, it’s those poxy not really underground lines which spend so much time overground you get a breeze anyway. In an age where scientific advances are so amazing you would think that keeping cool on proper underground lines was not beyond the wit of an intelligent man (an intelligent man you note not the numpties in charge of TfL).

2. Deliveries. Argh the postman! He regularly delivers stuff for other people to our house. But perhaps worse, he delivers our stuff to other people’s houses. Luckily there is a sort of neighbourhood network of sorting this out which means that (by and large) The Beloved’s DVDs do eventually arrive. The problem is you are disiinclined to complain because who knows what he’ll do to the mail if you’ve moaned.

But all of this pales into insignificance compared to my joyful DHL experience today. So I arrive home to a parcel which has been left (and I quote) “behind bin – front door”. Look behind bin (all excited) and no parcel. Now we may have a thieving element in my neighbourhood (this is London remember) or we may have an unscrupulous delivery bod but either which way the ****ing parcel is not there. So I phone DHL. The phone system is beyond the comprehension of the most telephonically savvy human being (especially when your “code” doesn’t work). By the time I got through to a human being the human beings I needed to speak to had gone home. Argh!

3. Rude questions. So there is a question which many people might (and obviously do) feel completely justified in asking me. “Do you have children?” Now there are certain people I don’t mind me asking that question: medical professionals and (surprisingly although illegal) employers. But it’s amazing how many random people feel this is an appropriate avenue of questioning. I wonder how they would react if I actually fronted up and told them why I don’t have children.

4. Which in a way brings me on to the next subject (and I know I’m over three but this is my first one and – as I mentioned – I have been brooding…). So a couple of months ago I was told (with absolutely no explanation) that I needed to change my Pill. Now at this point you need to bear in mind that I started to take the Pill way before I became sexually active because of vile hormone issues. So I started taking Micronor. Six weeks of hell ensued. No period, huge weight gain (about 8 kgs- which is over a stone – okay so I’m not a gym bunny but that was the only thing that changed in my life), breasts of extraordinary soreness and a general mood of bleurgh. Went back to my GP, eventually got an explanation that I shouldn’t really take the normal Pill because of a risk of breast cancer – fair enough – but she didn’t know what to do so off to the Family Planning Clinic. Met a lovely dr who said I probably could go back to the proper Pill if my moods were hideously murderous but first we have to go through the ‘trying other options’. So I’m now on Cerazette. So two weeks in…a permanent period, even more weight gain (about 2 kg but on top of the rest…well it’s a lot) and still the shitty mood. Fuck knows what will happen next. I am not happy. 

5. Being last. Ah yes, being last. Behind the job, behind the random friend commitments. Scant interest in issue 4. Oh it’s going so well. Shouldn’t really be a RANT as far too depressing and largely my own fault (I should be braver).

6. Okay double the number probably not acceptable but can you imagine how hard it is to support Southampton at the moment?

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I really can’t be positive all the time

I have been trying and completing my 3BTs with good grace and honesty but this week has been very trying so I’m indulging myself a little rant.

Builders and their time-keeping. Is it beyond the wit of building types to stick to the appointment time they have made? Obviously ‘yes’.

Job Centres – just the whole thing. It’s horrible.

The inability of some people (okay the Beloved) to organise their social lives in a way that doesn’t depress, upset and irritate their other halves. He has a diary but unfortunately he also has a Swiss cheese memory.

Insomnia – yes I should be used to it by now and thank Crunchie for the Olympics to make a 4am wakeful moment bearable (on the up-side I did get to see a friendly fox sitting in our front garden).

People who say they are recruiting, then decide they’re not, then change their mind again only to go on holiday and leave everyone in an unpleasant state of limbo…

…actually the whole job market is depressing me at the moment.

Technorati and its complete inability to give me up to date information.

Southampton Football Club.

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An Olympic breakfast please

No, not the sort from Little Chef – although yum! I am really enjoying the Olympics especially as we’re winning SO many medals which is tremendous fun. But yesterday I was absolutely blown away by the 100m. I have watched it countless times and I still can’t work how Bolt managed to win by so much and he slowed down to do a little dance over the line. I think in order to get him to race a proper 100m all the way, they should set the tape 10m further on then he might run it without showboating and then he would probably run about 9.5 seconds. I may just have to watch it a few more times…

However, I will not be watching Southampton’s season too much as we’ve had an absolutely crap start and once again only seem to be adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of anything decent.

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Popcorn please

Actually not popcorn because I’m not a big cinema snacker.

I still haven’t been to see SATC. However, I have found a girly friend who will go with which is good news. I now just have to navigate my way around football fixtures to find a date.

Beloved and I still haven’t been to see Indiana Jones. Doesn’t help that:

  • he pathologically hates the cinema
  • aforementioned football

I’m going to try and do diary bashing because the next big film of the summer is only just over a month away and the rate we’re going we’ll just have to camp out at the cinema until we’ve seen them all.

Did see Cloverfield the other week. Good film although (to my mind) didn’t really need the sci-fi stuff – could have just been a good thriller with an unidentified “baddie”. To that end, I’m also looking forward to The Happening (although suspect that will be a small screen outing only) – is it me or are we strangely obssessed with apocalyptic films en ce moment?

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The madness is over…

…for another year (as I’m so not interested in the FA Cup). Truly gutted about Reading (cannot trust Pompey to do anything right, I mean it’s once in a blue moon I actually want them  to win). However, very excited to report that I won the cup competition in my predictions league which I am very excited about. Also came a credible 7th in the league (would have been 5th but for some pesky goal difference). I am also the only remaining girl in the top division which is quite sad – I think they might try and make it boys only – there will be a deposition to the European Court of Human Rights if they do.

However from football to things altogether more girly and my growing excitement that SATC premieres tonight. Hurrah!!

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