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When the Saints go marching…right down to League 1

I really haven’t been able to bring myself to blog much about the dire season Southampton have had this year and once again West Brom may have delivered the final blow. There are countless reasons why Saints’ performance has been so dreadful but ultimately we have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory too many times.

Our destiny is not in our hands which is never a good place to be.

I will be at my parents’ at the weekend with the collective weight of Southampton worrying on our shoulders. The chances of me crying (as I have done on the last day of the last two seasons – well the play offs last year) are high.


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Drs’ surgeries – ARGH!

I take it all back. In February I blogged that my dr’s surgery had decided to have a vaguely sensible appointment policy. I predicted it wouldn’t last and I was right. So now I have to call 48 hours in advance for an appointment with no guarantee that I’ll get one and highly likely that it will be slap bang in the middle of the day or I have to phone and pretend it’s an emergency – and likely still get an appointment in the middle of the day. I am not sick, I just need an injection, I want to avoid taking time off work so I can get paid, pay taxes and contribute to the NHS. I will be driven mad.

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Ms Personality

I love a good personality test which probably says something (negative) about my personality but I do wonder how many of them are more snapshots in time rather than an assessment of your true personality because according to some of these I found on Mental Nurse (via a link from Random Reality honestly, I wasn’t googling mental health in fear of my own!)…anyway according to the tests on Similar Minds I have no consistency in my personality at all. Which is worrying.

I will blog about how fantastic the Real Food Festival was last night but I over-indulged in the free wine and even two cans of Coke (yes I know that’s disgraceful) have not helped. Today is going to be very slow and painful.

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Happy blog day

I wondered why I was so drawn to blogging today – it’s been two whole years since my first rather sticky steps so Happy Blog Day To Me!

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Walk to Work Day

Apparently it’s national Walk to Work Day today. I unwittingly took part in this today albeit for only part of my journey thanks to the at least daily signal failure on the Circle line coinciding with my journey.

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Food glorious food

I’m very excited because I’m going to the launch party for the Real Food Festival this evening which promises a good deal of sampling of free food and drink plus I can learn how to skin a rabbit (okay I probably won’t take the opportunity to actually try it myself) and apparently there is ‘sheep entertainment’, a concept which is highly exciting – although I would prefer pig entertainment as porkers are my favourite animals (sheep are slightly stupid).

Unfortunately I can’t get to the debate but I’m hoping that they will put it online or at least do something with the outcome because cheap food is costing the earth and there’s a lot of whingeing at the moment about the price of food going up. I’m not saying that people aren’t feeling the squeeze* but as a nation we are now spending less on food than 30 years ago, in fact just 10% of our disposable income which is also less than our neighbours in Europe (who spend on average 20%) – let alone the rest of the world.

I suspect ethical food is a very middle class preoccupation but it really distresses me that most consumers are so divorced from the reality of where their food comes from and have an expectation that they should eat meat every day and that they should be able to get apples (or tomatoes or asparagus or indeed anything else that is SEASONAL) 365 days a year and all for rock bottom prices.

I’ll stop before I really start ranting…


* I understand that a credit crunch is a specific economic phenomenon but I suspect the UK media are creating a self-fulfilling spiral of economic misery frightening people into feeling poorer than they actually are. Also – and I’m going to sound like a Tory here and I do apologise because I’m not – people taking responsibility for their own profligate spending/credit should not be bailed out by the government or the banks. Again financial responsibility (like social responsibility and where your food comes from) should be learnt as part of a holistic education from parents and in schools. Okay now where is that copy of Socialist Worker?

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What’s in the bag?

I am increasingly bemused by the number of women who seem to live their lives tortoise-like with everything but the kitchen sink shoved into their bag which is then lugged around causing goodness-knows-what damage to their shoulders. I have been particularly struck by this phenomenon this week as I have observed people pulling out huge litre bottles of handcream, numerous pairs of shoes, complete make up kits and all sorts of other things. Also, I have been suffering from a really sore shoulder which is probably not helped by the fact that I too lug around a good few pounds of handbag weight. However, I have taken a really good look at my handbag and can’t really see much paring down of its contents for day to day living. What do you think?

Within my handbag I have:

– cotton shopping bag, I am trying to do my bit for the environment

– umbrella, a 365 day a year requirement

– one pair black leather gloves, it’s still nippy even though Spring has allegedly sprung (also handy in my secret life as a cat burglar!)

– sunglasses, it’s also sunny

– 2 x pens, a purple fountain pen for fancy moments and a nice stripey biro which my oldest friend gave me at Christmas and is handy for doing sudokus in newspapers (the fountain pen just splodges)

– Oyster card

– work security pass, complete with hideous photo

– 2 x lighters

– cigarettes, I know I know

– mobile phone

– Blackberry – obviously I don’t need a phone and a Blackberry but the phone is mine and the Blackberry belongs to work (also I have no idea how to drive it)

– pocket pack of tissues

– pocket pack of Wet Ones

– Smints

– keys, complete with highly grubby pig key fob which lovely boy bought for me in Edinburgh

– fold up hair brush

– hair elastic

– mini size deodorant

– note book for those “I must remember” moments

– diary

– 1 x Tampax

– paracetamol and codeine tablets

– nail file

– business cards in holder

– make up case (which I want to change because it was bought for me by one of the leeches and I really don’t need that reminder every day) containing:

  • antacid tablets
  • mini perfume
  • 4Head
  • concealer
  • lip salve
  • dry eye drops
  • plasters x 2
  • lipstick
  • moisturiser sample
  • anti histamines
  • lip gloss
  • eye liner

Purse (which I was given when I left a job about 10 years ago and is still gorgeous, lovely and Mulberry) containing:

  • spare Oyster card, for emergencies like Monday when my Oyster card didn’t make the transfer between weekend and weekday bags
  • 1st class stamps
  • card for One Fish Two Fish which is a really good restaurant in Bath I went a couple of weeks ago
  • CIPR membership card
  • large 2nd class stamps which are actually fairly useless and were handily mis-sold as normal second class stamps for my Easter cards which were – amusingly – of a tiny size
  • Johnson’s priority card
  • Boots Advantage card
  • Tesco Clubcard
  • Nectar card
  • newspaper cutting of a random event which happened over 30 years ago but which I inherited from my Grandma’s purse so I like to keep it
  • cards from my reiki lady which have inspirational things written on them – I don’t read them enough
  • 2x credit cards
  • 2x debit cards

Gosh, that’s a strange thing to do as girls’ bags are normally highly secretive places. But I really don’t see what I can not carry round with me. Admittedly I have a small pharmacy in there but actually I’ve noticed I need to get some Imodium just to cover most medical eventualities – you never know.  Okay I have a lot of twos of things and back ups but I am an anally retentive organisation freak so what do you expect?

Update: so after I’d done this, I thought there must be other people revealing the contents of their bags on their blogs and what would they reveal? Indeed there are (see below), and do you know what I found? My bag is a standard as everyone else’s.

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