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3BT – 27th February

1. Spring arrived today. I didn’t need to put my light on to put my make up on this morning (of course the result may have been disastrous). But it was warm and delicious and you could almost see buds budding and life bursting (still not entirely convinced by people getting their legs out and wearing sandals – it is still February!)

2. ikou De-stress and Relax tea – genius delicious stuff.

3. My lovely girls at work who gave a fantastic company presentation. Rather worrying was the amount of Chlamydia kits that were nabbed (lots) and the amount of condoms picked up (few).

4. (Because I have been somewhat light on Beautiful Things recently). The excitement of a weekend away in Glasgow with old friends and new – although not together which makes everything much easier (although the trauma of what to wear is somewhat mitigating any associated joy).

5. Answering questions on Mastermind – always makes me feel slightly more clever than I really am!


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Perks of the job…

…but largely over-riding greed.

Last night I went to the CEW demonstration evening. This is an annual bunfight where the great and the good of the cosmetics industry gather to gather. Basically cosmetics company give away lots of gorgeous products so you can try them and then vote for the CEW awards. In actual fact, they give away lots of products so CEW members can justify their annual membership fee and don’t have to buy face cream for the next six months.

This was my first time and I realised I was woefully unprepared when I saw women literally queuing up with holdalls. However, I got a nice lot of lotions and potions promising to banish my wrinkles; some suncream for my forthcoming jaunt to the Caribbean; plus some goodies for the girls at work. So I am most pleased.

I’m slightly concerned about the greed I showed last night, scooping up the goodies offered but a) I do need face cream (with increasingly scientific formulae thanks to this wretched thing called the ageing process); and b) the kind ladies on the stands were only too happy to give it away.

Sometimes I love my job.

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To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question

My sleep patterns are always rather… well… random (see point 29) and it’s one of the first things to go off when I am upset in ANY WAY AT ALL. So I was quite surprised that I did manage to get a relatively reasonable amount of sleep last week (thanks to Sominex and the odd drop of wine). Unfortunately it would now seem the gremlins have been disturbed and have started stamping around my head at unreasonable times (between 3 and 4am is a favourite). So is it any real surprise that I am sat at my desk wondering if there is any chance of me having a nap? Probably not. (And I can’t really have a nap; I’m meant to be in charge of these people so it wouldn’t be very professional now would it?)

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Radar malfunction

It would seem my bullshit radar is still somewhat under-developed as the person variously known as The Beloved, The Loathed, The Husband etc (and from now on will be known as The Ex) has managed to hoodwink me again.

The good news for everyone frustrated with the complications of my personal life is that he will not hoodwink me again. He may try to cheat me again but, this time, it will be about money not about feelings.

Yes, le mariage est finis (don’t quite know why that’s in French, may be it’s easier to not say it out loud in English).

There is a story behind this but I am not quite ready to blog about it yet. Suffice to say, for the moment, the only thing I can be sure of is that when he opens his mouth: he is lying.


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Could it be…

…I am free?

Answers on a postcard, or watch this space.

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3BT – 17th February

1. I saw this over on the original 3BT site. It is so cute, I just had to put it here too.

2. A tube line suspension (not in any way beautiful) meant I had to get the bus this morning so had an unexpected treat around the streets of London: Lambeth Palace, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Number 10, Trafalgar Square, a squint down The Mall at Buckingham Palace. Tourists would pay good money for the number 3 bus trip I got for free. As a slight downer this travel chaos meant I was half an hour late for a meeting with my boss about my contract – luckily she was understanding although no news on the contract front. 

3. Everyone I know agreeing with me that Slumdog Millionaire is just the most fantastic film (and has hit all the right notes in terms of what people want/need to see/enjoy at the moment).

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Questions and an answer

Because I am far too weary to think of answers:

1. Why is the common cold the most irritating ailment and how come noone has really worked out how to cure one?

2. Why has East Midlands trains changed its timetable and made the St Pancras to Nottingham service even more unbearable than its previous incarnation?

3. How do clients expect you to do any work when they are constantly asking you to sit in pointless meetings for most of the working week?

4. Why, when you know you are soon to put your person on a beach, do really lardy sandwiches become the only thing that will satisfy you at lunchtime?

5. How are you supposed to keep smiling when someone is stamping all over your feelings and blaming you?


And an answer…I came across Curious as a Cat which seems like a marvellous idea (especially when my creative juices are flagging – at the moment they are not so much flagging as begging for a defibrillator) and I will be visiting more often. But in answer to Question 1…fear.

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