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The drugs don’t work

Or actually the drugs do work but it’s not exactly the best way to live. I am not feeling at all inspired, creative or capable at the moment. I am taking sleeping tablets to get me to sleep and energy pills to get me through the day. This is not good.

I am fully aware that I should be taking sensible steps to live a far more healthy and balanced life (not least because I am still nowhere near achieving my self-imposed jeans challenge*) but every time I give myself a stern talking to I get all hopeless and emotional followed by anger and despondency. Hmmm…

Part of the problem seems to be that my life’s destiny is not in my hands. Well obviously it is really, but I foolishly seem to have handed over my future to someone else and that someone is hardly capable of thinking half an hour in advance.

Sorry to be such a grumpy old baggage.

* The self-imposed jeans challenge is to get back into this pair of jeans before my next birthday. Progress is somewhat slow to say the least


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Thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening

I do not like thunderstorms when I have to deal with them on my own. If there’s a duvet and someone to snuggle up to then I am, by and large, quite able to deal with the heavens opening and the angels having a row (don’t ask, it was one of my Mum’s explanations when I was a small person). But on my own I really don’t deal with it very well. I should probably grow up.
I would like to point out it’s July and I’m fairly sure we shouldn’t be having such storminess unless it’s to provide a break in hot humidy type of weather.


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Of Aliens and Social Cleansing

Television has been a bit blah recently. Apart from the excellent third series of Dexter, there has been little to keep me tuned in…until last week when the BBC decided to strand Torchwood across five whole nights. I had my doubts. Largely because I pretty much hate anything that runs across a whole week as I invariably can’t watch all the episodes and have to rely on a somewhat retro video (I refuse to donate any more money to Mr Murdoch for Sky +). Anyway, as luck would have it the technology held out so I was able to catch up with the final three episodes over the weekend and OMG! It was pretty awesome.

Torchwood is – on the whole – a pretty daft programme. John Barrowman camping it up in his swishy army surplus coat, lots of Welsh accents (I’m sorry, they just make me giggle – in a good way I hasten to add) and the fact that no one in Cardiff seems to have really noticed the bloody great rift running through it from which various alien life forms emerge (makes me wonder what an average night out in Cardiff is actually like). So we settled down to daftness and yes there was Captain Jack swishing along, there were the amusing gay jokes, there were the comedy Rhys moments when the poor lamb really doesn’t have a clue. Better and better there were weirdy aliens communicating through the earth’s children – all very scary and marvellous. We even got the obligatory killing of Captain Jack. Given that Torchwood isn’t afraid of killing off some of its main characters, there is an underlying fear that one of the intrepid team might go the way of Owen or Tosh (and indeed – without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen it yet – there is one of those moments in Children of Earth). But not Captain Jack – oh no – because we he cannot die and we have seen him at the end of the universe when he’s the Face of Bo.

But in this series, Torchwood got very grown up; asking booming social questions and getting that emotional engagement just right.

Anyway, I don’t want to give away the plot because I really would urge anyone who hasn’t seen it to try and find it. The story is a ripping good yarn with a really sinister undertone courtesy of the British Government ( it does make you think how you would make the choice – which is actually even more disturbing). What I really love though is Russell T Davies’s sharp characterisations (the Prime Minister who makes Pontius Pilate look like someone who really took responsibility in a difficult situation) and the humour that runs throughout (the US getting extraordinarily uppity that aliens had chosen Britain was priceless).

Torchwood, Children of Earth hasn’t quite justified my licence fee (I cannot forgive any organisation that takes one fraction on one penny of my licence fee and spends in on Total Wipeout), but it has reminded me that the BBC makes bloody good drama from time to time. Hurrah!

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No longer letting the neighbourhood down*

I’m fairly convinced that my neighbours have hated me for dragging the neighbourhood down with the rather shoddy appearance of my abode. However, ta da…my house is close to looking highly shiny and quite smart (on the outside at least).

The porch was refitted yesterday and the front doors now actually line up (a fairly basic requirement to my way of thinking). Unfortunately there has been some collateral damage: breaking the stained glass window in my front door and forcing the door frame so it didn’t actually close (please feel free to come and burgle me!) resulting in a nasty chunk now missing down the side. However I am optimistic that these minor issues will be remedied (well I won’t pay the bill until they are).

It’s all quite exciting. Except that I’ve now realised that I really need to get some work done on the INSIDE of the house. I haven’t deliberately neglected it. When we moved in five years ago I was so proud of actually owning a real house with stairs and a garden (in London!) and had lots of plans. But then “life” happened (as regular visitors will know) and the state of the kitchen ceiling went way down the list of concerns.

I still don’t know if I’m going to be able to stay in my lovely little home and don’t want to go too mad making it look good, falling in love with it again and then being forced to move. But I think it probably deserves a little TLC so I’m off to investigate some colour charts.


* well not appearance-wise. Obviously the general comings and goings mean I’m probably still not a model neighbour

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A meme award

Such excitement…I have a meme award from Musings From the Sofa which is my first ever award. To claim the award I have to list seven personality traits and nominate seven other bloggers (which will highly tricky).

So “Thank You Very Much” kind Musings From the Sofa and I hope I can live up to your expectations.

1. I tend to have unexpectedly strong emotional reactions to the news of the day. I can usually be found shouting at televisions or crying a lot. I’ve actually had to stop watching late night news.

2. I am always far too early for EVERYTHING. Including my wedding. I suspect I may be early to my own funeral.

3. I am stubborn beyond any rational boundaries. I am quite convinced that the world would be a better place if only everyone did everything the way I think it should be done and will just hang on in there until people come round to my way of thinking. Needless to say, I am still waiting on most issues to which I have applied this logic to be resolved.

4. I am organised and and somewhat famous for it. I will always have a list. I can be relied upon for timetables and directions, wet wipes, tissues, safety pins…I despair of disorganisation and tardiness (see point 2).

5. I laugh in the face of adversity. That makes me sound very brave. In actual fact it’s a completely rubbish trait that means I will always try to make a joke or raise a laugh when people are feeling sad/uncomfortable/angry. I should learn that this is not always appropriate.

6. I am restless. I do not sit still either physically or mentally. It’s quite tiring for everyone.

7. I am kind. I thought we ought to try to end on a positive but actually it needs qualification. I have a tendency to be kind to everyone but myself.

So now the tricksiest bit. I nominate the following for the award:

1. QWERTYQueen (when she’s back from Devon)

2. Charlotte’s Web

3. Clare Grant

4. Spiral Skies

5. Chocolate and Vodka

6. Aunty Drama (in an attempt to get her blogging again)

7. Miranda (although she may be busy having a baby)


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Getting back into this blogging malarkey

I know I have been blogging lite recently which is daft because I have many things to blog about like my jolly nice trip to Paris, my surprisingly pleasant weekend in Bury St Edmunds and my obsession with my iPhone gadgetry wotnot.

Not only have I not been writing blogs, but I’ve really had to streamline my reading of them. Partly this is to do with Technorati and their exceedingly irritating inability to deliver my Favourites in a sensible and consistent fashion. I’ve just had a good old catch up though and would like to declare the following blogs as my current faves:

Musings From  the Sofa

Louder Than Swahili

Charlotte’s Web

Spiral Skies

and 3BT which makes me smile everyday 


And these are new discoveries I am  quite liking a lot (oh yes, we’re in command of the English language today)

The Times of Miranda



So I am trying to get back into some sort of blogosphere engagement and generally get my shit together (focusing on the blogging getting my shit together rather than more generally in life – good grief that’s more of a complicated life mission). You see it’s got so bad I cannot even string a sentence together (in my defence I have written three proposals today and have used most of my brain cells).


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Workmen woes

Why are home improvements so very challenging?

On Friday they came and took down my old porch and put up a shiny new one. On Saturday they came and took down the new one!

The problem was with the measuring and the fact that the resulting new porch door way was about six inches out of line with my front door which required a rather daft dog leg walk and meant that nothing very big could ever be taken out of the front of the house. Luckily they admitted their mistake pretty sharpish and are currently remaking the whole thing.

Of course this was just phase one of the contractors chez Featherduster so the painters arrived this morning expecting to be able to just get on with the porch but no porch to paint. I am actually having the whole house painted so they could get on with other bits. However, I was somewhat perturbed that Mr Painter man arrived with no instructions as to what he was actually supposed to be doing. I have now shown him the schedule of work so let’s hope we may actually get somewhere.

I’m feeling exhausted already!

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