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3BT – 17th October

1. Waking up in the light and feeling invigorated all day.

2. The joyful (if slightly apprehensive) faces of my one and three year old goddaughters holding their brand new baby brother.

3. Being told I am good at my job – and strangely believing that I might be.


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3BT – because I love winter

1. I love it getting dark early and crumpets and real fires.

2. I love the clock change because you are tired before bed time and bright and jolly in the morning.

3. Because suddenly my fashion of choice – opaque tights, boots and many many layers seem right.

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Still ill

You would have thought I might have got better by now. After all this would appear to be a simple cold. Mysteriously though I am not much better at all. Completely lost my voice at the weekend (two hour presentation on Thursday really did for it) and I now have a croak but the croak is showing no signs of improving and today I feel really grotty again.

Through work I have solicited the opinion of 10 of the country’s finest pharmacists (drink warm Ribena was the only advice received) and (because I was going to the dr anyway and she couldn’t really fail to notice) a GP (whose advice was ‘steam’). So no advice and no real improvement.

Still feeling miserable and not in the mood for blogging.

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I have no voice and a rattle in my chest a snake would be proud of. I am meant to be having a day off sick but keep having to deal with work stuff. Not happy.

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3BT – 10th October

I am determined to end the week positively although I am being sorely tested.

1. I eventually speak to a sane individual at my dr’s surgery – admittedly the practice manager – and get an appointment. 

2. My new clients showered me with shiny praise this morning.

3. I’m off to the countryside and (until my parents start arguing and doing my head in) I’m looking forward to it.

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3RANT – 9th October

1. A civilised drink with my friend being totally distracted by the loud, full of himself person at the table next door – turns out it was Malcolm McLaren who I guess – by very definition – is loud and full of himself.

2. People who spit especially in public especially leaving pavements a minefield. It’s disgusting and unhygienic and has got really bad in the past couple of weeks. Not sure if it’s a London thing but I’m fairly sure it’s worse here than anywhere else.

3. The media’s constant doom-mongering. Yes things are not great at the moment but I’m sure the media is fuelling half of it.

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Not a good start

It’s Monday morning. I’m exhausted. I don’t want to get my head round anything at work (not good this is only the start of week three).

…and now I’m beating myself up about it.

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