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Featherduster has an early spring clean

The photo is one of many lovely ones to be found on fish stuff.

Everything was feeling a bit dated so I am attempting a good old clean out and update but I apologise that it won’t be fully up to date for a while.


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Lovely Bones

Always nervous when I go to see a film and I’ve really enjoyed the book (although current whereabouts unknown. Note to self: stop lending books). However, I have just spent and entirely enjoyable two hours in the cinema watching this. Saoirse Ronan is brilliant as Susie and Susan Sarandon provides a much needed counterpoint to the tension, yes it is possible to laugh in a film about a teenage girl’s murder.
Actually one of the reasons this is in some ways better than the book, is that cinema really means heaven can come to life. It’s a little bit weird but I think it works.

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Local convenience

When I had a car it was really easy to shop locally, I’d pop to the high street on a Saturday morning and go to the butchers, fishmongers, deli etc. But as I no longer have wheels, I do rely on Ocado for about 90% of my shopping with only occasional forays to the shops for whatever I can fit in my bag and lug on the bus. Which is why I really like this idea. They don’t actually cover my area yet but I’ve signed up so I know when they do.

Having said all this, at the weekend I had a complete revelation in the food shopping department. I have lived where I live for more than 10 years now but have never frequented the vegetable stall on the market. Have no idea why. However, this weekend I really didn’t need the minimum size pack of 2.7kg of potatoes – there are only two of us, it was only for one roast dinner – so I thought may be the vegetable stall would sell smaller amounts. Of course he did, I could have bought just one potato if I’d wanted. I also bought beans and onions and a couple of other bits for not very much money at all, all served up with great customer service. Now the only thing that’s baffling me is why it’s taken me 10 years.

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There’s nothing like a deadline…

…to spur you into action. After a couple of weeks of whingeing and whining that I can’t get into work, I’ve suddenly got an enormous deadline (going on holiday on Friday – the excitement) so today I have written two and half presentations and two budgets – on fire!

I am quite beside myself with the anticipation of my holiday. I love it when the anticipation is so great that it actually extends your holiday because every time you thin about it you get a shiver of excitement. I am going further east than I have ever been (actually it’s probably so far east that you can’t get much more east without being west); I am also going to stay with lovely lovely friends who I (obviously) don’t see very often because they live so very far away. My smile is as far east and as far west as it can be on my face.

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Just as most of it thawed out yesterday, last night brought a whole new blanket of fresh white stuff. It was so beautiful and peaceful this morning as I left brand new footprints.

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I just can’t get into it

I have not made a particularly good start to 2010 workwise. It’s not that I’ve done anything wrong, I just haven’t done anything much. For some reason I cannot actually get into a work mindset.

Part of it is actually not having enough on. I am loathe to get into work creation mode because if I start something then a whole avalanche of urgent work will suddenly appear on my to do list and I’ll end up doing the whole working late, working early, getting stressy about it all thing. So I’m determined to sit it out as I can see several big projects bobbling away on the horizon and I am also going on holiday in a mere two weeks. Which is probably another reason why I can’t concentrate as I am genuinely so over-excited about my trip that all I want to do is look at TripAdvisor and amend my packing list (which currently runs to four pages!).

The other part is I am struggling to actually identify my role at the moment. I was promoted at the end of last year (hurrah, all jolly good) and I am eyeing up a further one later this year (either that or I have to go and get a new job which is too depressing to think about) so I have to come up with some really shit hot ways of impressing people. At the moment, what those things are remains something of a mystery. I need to do that whole ‘big thinking’ thing…but, as I mentioned, I’m struggling to get into anything approximating a work mindset.

What I actually should do is just shut up and get on with it….

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3BT – 8th January

1. Getting my visa through for Vietnam and realising it’s only three weeks to wait. Time to make lists and enjoy the anticipation.

2. Playing a guessing game as to what all the little footprints are in the snow in the garden. One set looks like a mutant bunny has moved into the neighbourhood.

3. My eBook. I love it. I love the fact it’s so small and cute (and pink) but I’m not going to run out of things to read for AGES.

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