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3BT – 29th August

1. Soft downy feathers floating on the breeze.

2. Being in cahoots with a giggly toddler as he steals chips from my plate.

3. Working out how many glasses of wine I can have by counting calories burnt at the gym.


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With dignity

I’ve just been watching Watch Me Disappear on C4 and – despite the dreadful sadness of people who die (so young) alone – I was struck by the absolute dignity afforded the ‘anonymous’ person who died whilst Lucy Cohen was making this programme. The funeral directors who organised this funeral may have been being paid for their efforts but you cannot buy the solemnity and extraordinary dignity with which they carried out their duties.

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I really can’t be positive all the time

I have been trying and completing my 3BTs with good grace and honesty but this week has been very trying so I’m indulging myself a little rant.

Builders and their time-keeping. Is it beyond the wit of building types to stick to the appointment time they have made? Obviously ‘yes’.

Job Centres – just the whole thing. It’s horrible.

The inability of some people (okay the Beloved) to organise their social lives in a way that doesn’t depress, upset and irritate their other halves. He has a diary but unfortunately he also has a Swiss cheese memory.

Insomnia – yes I should be used to it by now and thank Crunchie for the Olympics to make a 4am wakeful moment bearable (on the up-side I did get to see a friendly fox sitting in our front garden).

People who say they are recruiting, then decide they’re not, then change their mind again only to go on holiday and leave everyone in an unpleasant state of limbo…

…actually the whole job market is depressing me at the moment.

Technorati and its complete inability to give me up to date information.

Southampton Football Club.

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The destruction of the soul

Nothing is as soul-destroying as signing on and when you have a “job seekers’ interview” who doesn’t understand your industry or what you do then it just becomes an exercise in frustration and self-loathing. Perhaps they make it so vile so you want to get a job even quicker. Of course the fantastic news is I have to go back tomorrow.

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3BT – 18th August

1. It’s a year since I went to Africa and just thinking about my time there makes me smile.

2. Chores not taking as long as I think they will.

3. Maintaining my equilibrium in very trying circumstances. I know a short while ago I would have lost it big time.

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3BT – 17th August

1. Playing British Bulldog with a bunch of primary school children and realising the rules haven’t changed in 30 years (although my feet after tearing about for an hour were less than beautiful).

2. Telephone calls arriving when promised.

3. Traffic lights working in my favour so I could catch the bus today.

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An Olympic breakfast please

No, not the sort from Little Chef – although yum! I am really enjoying the Olympics especially as we’re winning SO many medals which is tremendous fun. But yesterday I was absolutely blown away by the 100m. I have watched it countless times and I still can’t work how Bolt managed to win by so much and he slowed down to do a little dance over the line. I think in order to get him to race a proper 100m all the way, they should set the tape 10m further on then he might run it without showboating and then he would probably run about 9.5 seconds. I may just have to watch it a few more times…

However, I will not be watching Southampton’s season too much as we’ve had an absolutely crap start and once again only seem to be adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of anything decent.

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