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The Most Beautiful Girl in the World


I may not have one of my own, but this is my god daughter, she is gorgeous.


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Officially Loathed

The Beloved is no longer. It seems that the beautiful person I have known and loved for 12 years has been completely transformed into a vile mutant incapable of acting like a decent human being.

At least my days of nursing are over. I just have to focus on nursing a broken heart – my own.


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It is good to see Simon Cowell squirm but Ray – LOSE THE SWING. Bloody hell. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

I’ve been watching far too much television lately, by product of being unemployed (and, it would incresingly appear, unemployable). Most of it is the usual load of bollocks but I am delighted This Life is back. Rather depressingly though, the first time I watched it I was one of those sexy 20-somethings: going out, having fun, being hopeful and ambitious. This is depressing because that was 10 years ago (where did all that time go?).

Also today I found out the last of my friends has succumbed to the baby bug. I haven’t had any single friends for 100 years and now all my friends have babies (well this friend isn’t due until May but let’s face it she’s in the Maclaren stroller mind set). Some of them even have two. How did this happen? How did I miss out on this?

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Well The Beloved/Loathed is out of hospital. Noone’s entirely sure what bizarre strain of pneumonia he had but it does seem to be clearing up and he’s much better which is good. I am practising my best nursing skills which largely involve cooking nice meals and ensuring he takes his medication. What is it with men, they seem completely incapable of taking medicine on their own? My Dad has been taking the same pills for 20 years and still forgets them on a semi-regular basis.

The little darling has also kindly passed on the hospital experience to me. Suffice to say I now have confidential records at a south London hospital thanks to his inability to keep various parts of his anatomy within his trousers. Thanks.

Why am I still with him? Why am I knocking myself out looking after him? I’m not entirely sure but if he doesn’t start behaving like The Beloved again (instead of this mutant creature I seem to now be living with) then I might take up his cousin’s offer to knock his other lung out!

I realise that the blogosphere has obviously been missing my insightful comments on the X Factor. Suffice to say that this year I don’t care who wins, it’s no longer about the contestants, it’s about the judges and blah blah blah (just about what everyone else has been saying really). Although how Nikitta wasn’t in the bottom 2 this week was beyond me.

Instead my new TV enjoyment is Torchwood. Fab programme. I wasn’t at all convinced when I first heard about it. I thought Captain Jack was a bit OTT and would be irritating as a main character. But no! He’s fab, the programme’s fab. My only slight irritation is the weekly homage to Cardiff. Delightful city I’m sure but really is Russell T Davies working for the Beeb or the Welsh Tourist Board?

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How can sitting in a chair for 6 hours be so tiring? I have to say though the Scrabble contest is reaching new heights of excitement.

Hospitals are obviously designed to be totally draining. May be if they made them nicer then patients would get better quicker. Surely that’s what they want?

Anyway, the Beloved has to have a bronchoscopy on Friday when they might figure out what’s wrong with him (or at least what’s causing the pneumonia and collapsed lung). I can’t believe that he will have been in there for 2 weeks. And his blood pressure is still crap and he’s still on oxygen, plus his temperature has now dropped quite significantly. I know it’s all serious stuff and I am so worried about him but I have to be positive (otherwise you will drive yourself insane), unlike his mother who is definitely a glass half empty person and I know she’s convinced he’s got something horrifically serious. I suspect she thinks the worst but they’ve done all his blood counts and stuff so it can’t be that horrible big disease.

I hope.

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