Some Enchanted Evening

I took my mum to see South Pacific at The Barbican last night and I have to say it was really rather fabulous. Sam Womack was surprisingly good (you always worry about a soap star on the stage which is probably a bit unfair), frankly anyone over 30 who appears on stage in a swimming costume surrounded by a largely 20-something cast gets a thumb up from me.

I’d forgotten that I did actually know most of the songs (my Grandma was something of a show tunes fanatic so I think they just went in by osmosis before I started school) as did most of the audience (although luckily no one was actually singing along, more like hum hum bounce bounce of the head). And the racism message was a complete surprise (for 1940s American piece of popular culture, it was quite brave, can’t imagine it was a big hit in the southern States when it was released).

All in all very enjoyable and I LOVE that I can get from Barbican to my house in less than half an hour.


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Where did August go?

So 1st August was my last day in gainful employment and today is 1st September…how exactly did that happen?

I cannot point to any major achievements which is rather disappointing so have decided to be slightly kinder to myself and see if there are any mini achievements I can claim. A kind of 3BT when BTs are in short supply.

1. On the job front it has been deathly slow although I have been to two second interviews (one rejection and one leading to a third interview in a couple of weeks). I have pimped my LinkedIn profile and registered for various freelance databases so fingers crossed – really there have to be jobs out there somewhere.

2. One achievement is definitely getting my act together on Wii Fit. I have actually today set up my own Mii (don’t ask why it’s taken so long, pathological hatred of being weighed and judged) rather than just using The Beloved’s. Slight downside to that is that I would appear to be using less calories (less body weight) and now have to unlock all the levels I’d previously unlocked. However, I am quite determined to keep it up (for as long as I’m alone in the house, it is a strictly no-spectator sport!).

3. I have been to see a couple of films: Rise of the Planet of the Apes was surprisingly good, Andy Serkis is a genius; Cowboys and Aliens was very silly. Still haven’t managed One Day and I really want to see that but it requires getting myself out on my own for my own good and my motivational levels for being kind to myself are still on the stunted side.

4. I have tried to limit obsessive cleaning and become more able to cope with my lodger’s hair balls. She’s leaving on Saturday and it’s been quite fun having her here although we’re looking forward to having the place to ourselves again.

Hmmm…all a bit slim pickings really

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White goods

So having finally got a new shower sorted (after six months of faffing about), my fridge has decided to give up which is all very annoying. Having done a late night freezer run to my mother in law, I am attempting to fix the potential problem (what did we do before tinterweb and the joy of Googling “my fridge isn’t working but my freezer is fine?). But, in the mean time thought I ought to check out possible new contenders for pride of place in my newly decorated kitchen (oh yes it’s been all go here). And I have been quite literally stunned by the potential bling fest of white goods available. Really? £9,500 for a fridge? At that price I’d expect it to order all my food and possibly cook some of it! Suffice to say I shall (if necessary) be buying a more modest “keeping food cold” type of model.

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Hmmm..a week and then a week. This time last week I was employed, my surrounding neighbourhoods had not been looted and I was part of a two person household. HOWEVER…the changes (job seeking, sandwiched in between rioting and a lodger) have not all been bad. I am looking upon the redundancy as a salary increase opportunity, the rioting/looting/civil disrest as an opportunity to improve our society (see previous post about brooms), and it’s fun having someone to share my downtime at home with.

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Why London Rocks

We are the best city in the world. Don’t mess with us and stop letting us and yourselves down

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A list to ease myself back

Well possibly…thanks to Ms Musings on her Sofa for this inspiration

The Sunday Times 50 Greatest British Writers Since 1945

1. Philip Larkin – read
2. George Orwell – read
3. William Golding – read
4. Ted Hughes – read
5. Doris Lessing -read
6. J. R. R. Tolkien  – read
7. V. S. Naipaul – read
8. Muriel Spark – read
9. Kingsley Amis – read
10. Angela Carter – read
11. C. S. Lewis – read
12. Iris Murdoch – read
13. Salman Rushdie – read but only the children’s one
14. Ian Fleming – read
15. Jan Morris – no
16. Roald Dahl – read
17. Anthony Burgess – read
18. Mervyn Peake – no
19. Martin Amis – yes
20. Anthony Powell – no
21. Alan Sillitoe – read
22. John Le Carré – no
23. Penelope Fitzgerald – no
24. Philippa Pearce – read
25. Barbara Pym – no
26. Beryl Bainbridge – read
27. J. G. Ballard – read (largely under pain and duress in educational establishments)
28. Alan Garner – read
29. Alasdair Gray – no
30. John Fowles – read
31. Derek Walcott – no
32. Kazuo Ishiguro – read
33. Anita Brookner – read
34. A. S. Byatt – read
35. Ian McEwan – read
36. Geoffrey Hill – no
37. Hanif Kureishi – read
38. Iain Banks – read
39. George Mackay Brown – no
40. A. J. P. Taylor – read but again only in a classroom kind of way
41. Isaiah Berlin – no
42. J. K. Rowling – read
43. Philip Pullman – read
44. Julian Barnes – read
45. Colin Thubron – didn’t think I had but then realised the book what he wrote
46. Bruce Chatwin – no
47. Alice Oswald – no
48. Benjamin Zephaniah – read (well a teeny bit)
49. Rosemary Sutcliff – read
50. Michael Moorcock – no


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3BT continued

Forgot to add:
1. The lovely ladies at Bravissimo. Been having all sorts of contraption problems causing great discomfort. Turns out I am actually a back size smaller and three (yes three) cup sizes bigger. So although I now gulp at my bra size and husband feels cheated that they’re “that big” and look nothing like Jordan, I am actually so much more comfortable.
2. Cherry earrings. Because to be honest what’s the good of a cherry if you can’t do an earring?
3. The Internet. Just generally. What. Did. We. Do. Without. It? Today I have looked up recipes, chatted with friends, found out news, watched interesting things, tried to file my tax return (failed but that’s another story), done shopping. And really only been on it a little bit. Wow!

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