Books wot I has read

So my new job = longer commute = more time to read books. Bonus (although Victoria line today beyond a flippin’ joke). So I’ve read two fantastic historical romps that have been lingering on my book shelves for a LONG time.
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and The Tenderness of Wolves (apologies for crap links, phone not great on those). Both good.
I have also been experiencing something of a musical exploration (no links, you’ll have to Google). George Michael Symphonica (fab), BBC Symphony Orchestra Disturbia (in parts great, in parts disturbing, in parts WAY too experimental), The Hurts (brilliant, Kylie appeared, felt about 20 years younger).
In addition saw The Help (good adaptation, slight liberties taken), Paranormal Activity 3 (much better than 2, saw it at the O2 with a largely young audience, they’re commentary was, at first, annoying but ultimately v amusing), and We Need To Talk About Kevin (gripping, entire cinema audience left very quickly and in silence, I needed a drink afterwards).
So altogether a bit multi media. And, on the whole, v enjoyable.
Now must get better at blogging as it happens!


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