White goods

So having finally got a new shower sorted (after six months of faffing about), my fridge has decided to give up which is all very annoying. Having done a late night freezer run to my mother in law, I am attempting to fix the potential problem (what did we do before tinterweb and the joy of Googling “my fridge isn’t working but my freezer is fine?). But, in the mean time thought I ought to check out possible new contenders for pride of place in my newly decorated kitchen (oh yes it’s been all go here). And I have been quite literally stunned by the potential bling fest of white goods available. Really? £9,500 for a fridge? At that price I’d expect it to order all my food and possibly cook some of it! Suffice to say I shall (if necessary) be buying a more modest “keeping food cold” type of model.


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