Local convenience

When I had a car it was really easy to shop locally, I’d pop to the high street on a Saturday morning and go to the butchers, fishmongers, deli etc. But as I no longer have wheels, I do rely on Ocado for about 90% of my shopping with only occasional forays to the shops for whatever I can fit in my bag and lug on the bus. Which is why I really like this idea. They don’t actually cover my area yet but I’ve signed up so I know when they do.

Having said all this, at the weekend I had a complete revelation in the food shopping department. I have lived where I live for more than 10 years now but have never frequented the vegetable stall on the market. Have no idea why. However, this weekend I really didn’t need the minimum size pack of 2.7kg of potatoes – there are only two of us, it was only for one roast dinner – so I thought may be the vegetable stall would sell smaller amounts. Of course he did, I could have bought just one potato if I’d wanted. I also bought beans and onions and a couple of other bits for not very much money at all, all served up with great customer service. Now the only thing that’s baffling me is why it’s taken me 10 years.


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