I just can’t get into it

I have not made a particularly good start to 2010 workwise. It’s not that I’ve done anything wrong, I just haven’t done anything much. For some reason I cannot actually get into a work mindset.

Part of it is actually not having enough on. I am loathe to get into work creation mode because if I start something then a whole avalanche of urgent work will suddenly appear on my to do list and I’ll end up doing the whole working late, working early, getting stressy about it all thing. So I’m determined to sit it out as I can see several big projects bobbling away on the horizon and I am also going on holiday in a mere two weeks. Which is probably another reason why I can’t concentrate as I am genuinely so over-excited about my trip that all I want to do is look at TripAdvisor and amend my packing list (which currently runs to four pages!).

The other part is I am struggling to actually identify my role at the moment. I was promoted at the end of last year (hurrah, all jolly good) and I am eyeing up a further one later this year (either that or I have to go and get a new job which is too depressing to think about) so I have to come up with some really shit hot ways of impressing people. At the moment, what those things are remains something of a mystery. I need to do that whole ‘big thinking’ thing…but, as I mentioned, I’m struggling to get into anything approximating a work mindset.

What I actually should do is just shut up and get on with it….


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