Is it genetic?

I suspect this is a nurture issue rather than nature but I am completely perplexed. My sister and I are (okay having to put modesty aside at this point) perfectly nice people. We are kind, smart, successful, thoughtful people with no particularly weird tendencies or habits.

So why…

Do we find ourselves involved with feckless, thoughtless, lying, cheating men?

Every time?



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2 responses to “Is it genetic?

  1. I blame it on society, convincing all us women that men are all-so-important to our existence, which makes us blind if we’re not careful, as well as the fact that there is a much higher proportion of assholic men out there (thus the need to blind women) than assholic women (call me sexist if you want, but my father — a man — actually brought me up, telling me that). Here’s hoping both you and your sister get surgery soon to correct the blindness and that each of you manages to find one of those few, but definitely out there non-assholic men.

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