Of urban sprawl and 3BT on living in London

So I’m on my way back from book club and life in London strikes me as the loveliest thing:
1. It’s Monday night and I had a choice of two interesting things to do tonight. I chose book club because it was ‘my’ night. It was a fun evening.
2. Seeing two beautiful foxes walking home (me walking home, them having a little wander and late night canoodle). They had gorgeous brushes and looked so cute.
3. The mystery of number 3 and number 19. In my street there are two houses which are newly refurbished and yet no one has lived in them for well over a year. If I lived in a small crabby village I’d know exactly why Mr X had bought Y house yet didn’t live there. As it is, I have to make do with occasional lights going on, shadowy movements and random bin movements. It’s slightly exciting and lets your imagination go wild. Okay I know that’s odd.


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