3BT – 29th August

Where does the time go? End of August? It cannot be!

I have decided to force myself to be positive about things because (as you’ll see) it’s been a bit of grim week. But sunshine and jolliness are just on the horizon – hurrah!

1. The National Health Service. Once again in the middle of the night, I called upon its powers of rescue and it delivered. Luckily I was not the poorly person but the night of drama meant I only got 45 minutes sleep which has left me slightly shot to pieces. I am hopeful the weekend will help sort out my slightly random sleep patterns (although based on the evidence of last night and being wide awake at 5.15, I’m not so sure).

2. My early morning wanderings around the garden (yes, I know I’m weird) meant I saw the morning star which is one of those exciting things you forget about on a day to day basis.

3. Going to Boots and stocking up on goodies for my holiday fills me with excitement. Eight more (uninterrupted hopefully) sleeps until I am overdosing on feta and slapping on the suncream.


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