The drugs don’t work

Or actually the drugs do work but it’s not exactly the best way to live. I am not feeling at all inspired, creative or capable at the moment. I am taking sleeping tablets to get me to sleep and energy pills to get me through the day. This is not good.

I am fully aware that I should be taking sensible steps to live a far more healthy and balanced life (not least because I am still nowhere near achieving my self-imposed jeans challenge*) but every time I give myself a stern talking to I get all hopeless and emotional followed by anger and despondency. Hmmm…

Part of the problem seems to be that my life’s destiny is not in my hands. Well obviously it is really, but I foolishly seem to have handed over my future to someone else and that someone is hardly capable of thinking half an hour in advance.

Sorry to be such a grumpy old baggage.

* The self-imposed jeans challenge is to get back into this pair of jeans before my next birthday. Progress is somewhat slow to say the least


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