No longer letting the neighbourhood down*

I’m fairly convinced that my neighbours have hated me for dragging the neighbourhood down with the rather shoddy appearance of my abode. However, ta da…my house is close to looking highly shiny and quite smart (on the outside at least).

The porch was refitted yesterday and the front doors now actually line up (a fairly basic requirement to my way of thinking). Unfortunately there has been some collateral damage: breaking the stained glass window in my front door and forcing the door frame so it didn’t actually close (please feel free to come and burgle me!) resulting in a nasty chunk now missing down the side. However I am optimistic that these minor issues will be remedied (well I won’t pay the bill until they are).

It’s all quite exciting. Except that I’ve now realised that I really need to get some work done on the INSIDE of the house. I haven’t deliberately neglected it. When we moved in five years ago I was so proud of actually owning a real house with stairs and a garden (in London!) and had lots of plans. But then “life” happened (as regular visitors will know) and the state of the kitchen ceiling went way down the list of concerns.

I still don’t know if I’m going to be able to stay in my lovely little home and don’t want to go too mad making it look good, falling in love with it again and then being forced to move. But I think it probably deserves a little TLC so I’m off to investigate some colour charts.


* well not appearance-wise. Obviously the general comings and goings mean I’m probably still not a model neighbour


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