A meme award

Such excitement…I have a meme award from Musings From the Sofa which is my first ever award. To claim the award I have to list seven personality traits and nominate seven other bloggers (which will highly tricky).

So “Thank You Very Much” kind Musings From the Sofa and I hope I can live up to your expectations.

1. I tend to have unexpectedly strong emotional reactions to the news of the day. I can usually be found shouting at televisions or crying a lot. I’ve actually had to stop watching late night news.

2. I am always far too early for EVERYTHING. Including my wedding. I suspect I may be early to my own funeral.

3. I am stubborn beyond any rational boundaries. I am quite convinced that the world would be a better place if only everyone did everything the way I think it should be done and will just hang on in there until people come round to my way of thinking. Needless to say, I am still waiting on most issues to which I have applied this logic to be resolved.

4. I am organised and and somewhat famous for it. I will always have a list. I can be relied upon for timetables and directions, wet wipes, tissues, safety pins…I despair of disorganisation and tardiness (see point 2).

5. I laugh in the face of adversity. That makes me sound very brave. In actual fact it’s a completely rubbish trait that means I will always try to make a joke or raise a laugh when people are feeling sad/uncomfortable/angry. I should learn that this is not always appropriate.

6. I am restless. I do not sit still either physically or mentally. It’s quite tiring for everyone.

7. I am kind. I thought we ought to try to end on a positive but actually it needs qualification. I have a tendency to be kind to everyone but myself.

So now the tricksiest bit. I nominate the following for the award:

1. QWERTYQueen (when she’s back from Devon)

2. Charlotte’s Web

3. Clare Grant

4. Spiral Skies

5. Chocolate and Vodka

6. Aunty Drama (in an attempt to get her blogging again)

7. Miranda (although she may be busy having a baby)



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2 responses to “A meme award

  1. Thanks for the tag! I will comply shortly …

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