Workmen woes

Why are home improvements so very challenging?

On Friday they came and took down my old porch and put up a shiny new one. On Saturday they came and took down the new one!

The problem was with the measuring and the fact that the resulting new porch door way was about six inches out of line with my front door which required a rather daft dog leg walk and meant that nothing very big could ever be taken out of the front of the house. Luckily they admitted their mistake pretty sharpish and are currently remaking the whole thing.

Of course this was just phase one of the contractors chez Featherduster so the painters arrived this morning expecting to be able to just get on with the porch but no porch to paint. I am actually having the whole house painted so they could get on with other bits. However, I was somewhat perturbed that Mr Painter man arrived with no instructions as to what he was actually supposed to be doing. I have now shown him the schedule of work so let’s hope we may actually get somewhere.

I’m feeling exhausted already!


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