Bank holiday weekends

I do like a bank holiday weekend and I’ve just managed to have a really good one.

I went to this hotel and enjoyed Champagne in my dressing gown on the garden terrace. I also had one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a long time: juicy scallops packed full of tastiness and then scrummy guinea fowl. Mmmmmm…Unfortunately I decided to wash this all down with a tad too much wine which meant yesterday morning was a bit of a struggle. This was not helped by the large dose of very loud cars I encountered at the A1GP. Despite the tender bonce and vrooomy-ness of the day, it was all jolly good fun.

And then today I have decided on domestic bliss (well ironing and cleaning the bathroom are not exactly domestic bliss-like chores but at least they’re done and that makes me happy). The highlight of this domestic bliss-itude has been this recipe. I’ve never made any type of bread before but it’s turned out very well (although I suspect it might have a rather detrimental effect on my waistline).

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