Ada Lovelace Day – Suw Charman Anderson

This is such a great idea and – for fear of seeming like a complete brown nose – I want to blog about Suw because she is the person who introduced me to the world of blogging and completely inspired me to get involved in technology in a way that I never thought possible (a school our only brush with computers was drawing a triangle which changed colour!).

I met Suw in 2006 through my work. She was brought in to teach us PRs about blogging and what a sceptical bunch we were. “What’s all this internet nonsense, I’m far too busy to concern myself with something so niche” was the general consensus but there was something about Suw and her vision for the blogosphere that I found totally inspiring. I am still to persuade a client to do anything remotely useful via social media but I keep plugging away and I do think this year I may actually make some decent headway. 

Suw has always been eminently patient and helpful and she likes a decent glass of wine which is always a good thing. 

You can read more about Suw here (but I’m guessing that if you know about Ada Lovelace, you know about its founder).


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