3BT – 23rd March

Beautiful things from my holiday…(there are more than three – hurrah!)


1. Frigate birds – in flight they look like pteradactyls (well pictures of pteradactyls obviously not actually being that old to have seen one myself).

2. Seeing a nurse shark basking whilst I was snorkelling (and snorkelling itself as I’ve never done it in open water before and it was really cool).

3. A eight foot round brain coral which I’ve never seen before and apparently eight foot is quite big.


1. Imagine the horror of 75 teenage boys turning up on your holiday. But actually these boys (who were on a cricket tour – in Antigua, beats my French exchange trip to Le Havre) were terribly polite and well-behaved. In fact they were quieter en masse than various groups of other children who seemed to think shrieking and whining were the only ways to get what they wanted.

2. Antiguans are quite the most laid back people. Even people trying to sell you something beat a respectful retreat when you say you’re not interested.

3. Meeting new friends. Some of them will hopefully become more permanent features in my life.

Food and drink (obviously)

1. Strawberry daquiris – strangely addictive. As were “Neil’s Specials” – a delicious mixture of vodka, pomegranate and something else (which makes it special). Plus a well-made Bloody Mary. I have been addicted to Bloody Marys from the Caribbean since I was eight years old. No, my parents were errant…the barman used to make them without the vodka and they were called Bloody Shames. But my addiction to spicy blends of tomato and lime juice with lashings of Tabasco was born.

2. Rice and peas. I love rice and peas. Plus I ate so much fish I could have swum home (my extremely extended tummy would have been an ideal buoyancy aide). So rice and peas and Caribbean fish…a trip to Brixton is called for methinks.

3. Having an omelette made for for me for breakfast. Despite my culinary skills, I am not very good at making omelettes so having a tomato and mushroom omelette was a total treat (and I was very good and didn’t have cheese).


I saw three – how useful for this post.

1. Vicky Christina Barcelona.

2. Rachel’s Getting Married.

3. Doubt.

I’m not inclined for large critiques at the moment. But I really enjoyed them all.


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