Nearly ready

Well I am fake baked (look like an extra from Les Mis), getting the toe nails made pretty tomorrow and have various items strewn across the spare bed (always a bit last minute me on the basis that noone didn’t go on holiday because they hadn’t packed).

Am I looking forward to my holiday?

Hmmm…walked out of work today feeling remarkably light at the prospect of not having to work for a whole week and a day. And, on the whole, I really like my job so I think I am just ready for a break.

Am looking forward to a change of scenery, being looked after/pampered (massage booked for Monday afternoon).

Am looking forward to going to a new place, meeting new people and the steel band at Shirley Heights on Sunday.

Have a whole pile of books (although suspect not enough) and they’re a rather eclectic collection as they’re borrowed, bought and freebies:

Emotionally Weird – Kate Atkinson

The Welsh Girl – Peter Ho Davies

The Chimney Sweeper’s  Boy – Barbara Vine

The Golden Notebook – Doris Lessing

The Almost Moon – Alice Sebold

I’ll put links in if I think they’re good (or – more likely – if I remember).

Not necessarily looking forward to the mental leap of holidaying on my own and being ‘single’. Nor the fact that I really do have to think about what the bobbins I’m doing with my life/relationship thing.

On the whole though I am so ready for a break. So let’s say “hurrah” and watch this space for a sensible person to emerge.

As a total aside, just watched the Kili climb for Red Nose Day. So fab. If you can’t do something funny for money just give some money and help. It is my favourite charity event (although memories of my car’s red nose being mangled in a particularly gory car accident 20 years ago live on. Luckily the car was the major casualty although I still can’t look over my left shoulder!)


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