3BT – 1st March

Beautiful things from my weekend in Glasgow…

1. Successful shopping. I am a bit rubbish at shopping in London – too crowded, too spread out and generally a bit blah, so I like going to other cities where the shops are far more sensibly arranged. In Glasgow I managed to shop and bought these (how gorgeous?!) and bought books. I haven’t bought books in a shop for so long (Amazon being my best book friend), I’d forgotten how lovely it is, looking at covers, seeing new covers for old books, fulfiling the joyful “3 for 2”. I may have to slow down on the reading front though, I read “The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas” yesterday (they you are having a nice read and “wham” that ending hits you) and “The Reader” today (extraordinarily thought-provoking) – yes a slight theme I know. But, at this rate, my entire suitcase will be full of books with no room for clothes when I go on holiday (in just 13 days – hurrah!).

2. Extraordinarly cheesy night clubs. Such fun, but…when and where did I learn all the lyrics to “I Think We’re Alone Now“? Now obviously I have no credibility AT ALL. I don’t even remember EVER even liking the song! I do have a theory though; if I could rid my head of all the useless lyrics in my head, I could probably use the brain power to come up with something really useful like world peace…

As an aside, top tip for boys on night club etiquette…if there is a group of girls (especially those of us of a certain age) dancing in a circle on a dance floor, do NOT (under any circumstances) try to get into the circle, try to break the circle, or try to come on to one of the girls. If we’re feeling brave, you will be ejected, otherwise we’ll just regroup and you will look very very silly. Obviously we’re all gorgeous, attractive and having lots of fun which is why you want to dance with us, but we’re being gorgeous on our own terms thank you very much!

3. Seeing an old friend. When you’ve been really good friends with someone and then lost touch, you sort of don’t know how it’s going to be when you see each other again but I just love it when, within 5 minutes, you’re totally back to where you were 10 years ago (admittedly with a few more wrinkly, saggy bits but who was looking at those?!).  Also, she’s been through a really tough time and is  now super-happy which is wonderful.

All in all an absolutely great weekend (although possibly could do with another weekend to get over it – up at 5am yesterday for my flight and 6am this morning thanks to the stompy gremlins in my head)!


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