3BT – 27th February

1. Spring arrived today. I didn’t need to put my light on to put my make up on this morning (of course the result may have been disastrous). But it was warm and delicious and you could almost see buds budding and life bursting (still not entirely convinced by people getting their legs out and wearing sandals – it is still February!)

2. ikou De-stress and Relax tea – genius delicious stuff.

3. My lovely girls at work who gave a fantastic company presentation. Rather worrying was the amount of Chlamydia kits that were nabbed (lots) and the amount of condoms picked up (few).

4. (Because I have been somewhat light on Beautiful Things recently). The excitement of a weekend away in Glasgow with old friends and new – although not together which makes everything much easier (although the trauma of what to wear is somewhat mitigating any associated joy).

5. Answering questions on Mastermind – always makes me feel slightly more clever than I really am!


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