Perks of the job…

…but largely over-riding greed.

Last night I went to the CEW demonstration evening. This is an annual bunfight where the great and the good of the cosmetics industry gather to gather. Basically cosmetics company give away lots of gorgeous products so you can try them and then vote for the CEW awards. In actual fact, they give away lots of products so CEW members can justify their annual membership fee and don’t have to buy face cream for the next six months.

This was my first time and I realised I was woefully unprepared when I saw women literally queuing up with holdalls. However, I got a nice lot of lotions and potions promising to banish my wrinkles; some suncream for my forthcoming jaunt to the Caribbean; plus some goodies for the girls at work. So I am most pleased.

I’m slightly concerned about the greed I showed last night, scooping up the goodies offered but a) I do need face cream (with increasingly scientific formulae thanks to this wretched thing called the ageing process); and b) the kind ladies on the stands were only too happy to give it away.

Sometimes I love my job.


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