Radar malfunction

It would seem my bullshit radar is still somewhat under-developed as the person variously known as The Beloved, The Loathed, The Husband etc (and from now on will be known as The Ex) has managed to hoodwink me again.

The good news for everyone frustrated with the complications of my personal life is that he will not hoodwink me again. He may try to cheat me again but, this time, it will be about money not about feelings.

Yes, le mariage est finis (don’t quite know why that’s in French, may be it’s easier to not say it out loud in English).

There is a story behind this but I am not quite ready to blog about it yet. Suffice to say, for the moment, the only thing I can be sure of is that when he opens his mouth: he is lying.



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2 responses to “Radar malfunction

  1. musingsfromthesofa

    It sounds as though you have been having such a rough time, for a long time. The end of a marriage not necessarily a positive, but if it is for you then I am glad for you.

  2. I’m so sad that it’s over but in some ways relieved that I don’t have to be lied to anymore. I still think I’m in shock about the whole thing.

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