Questions and an answer

Because I am far too weary to think of answers:

1. Why is the common cold the most irritating ailment and how come noone has really worked out how to cure one?

2. Why has East Midlands trains changed its timetable and made the St Pancras to Nottingham service even more unbearable than its previous incarnation?

3. How do clients expect you to do any work when they are constantly asking you to sit in pointless meetings for most of the working week?

4. Why, when you know you are soon to put your person on a beach, do really lardy sandwiches become the only thing that will satisfy you at lunchtime?

5. How are you supposed to keep smiling when someone is stamping all over your feelings and blaming you?


And an answer…I came across Curious as a Cat which seems like a marvellous idea (especially when my creative juices are flagging – at the moment they are not so much flagging as begging for a defibrillator) and I will be visiting more often. But in answer to Question 1…fear.


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