Smoke free zone

Okay apparently I am now a non smoker. Not entirely convinced I’ve earned that title considering it’s only been 22 hours since I had my last cigarette but I am hopeful that I might grow to like being a non-smoker and decide to stay one. It seems okay at the moment.

I had hypnotherapy and auricular acupuncture last night which was very odd. I’ve never had acupuncture before and always been very resistant to it (as quite a lot of people have recommended it to sort out my emotional/insomnia/stress-induced ills over the past few years). This is partly because I really don’t like all the needle business (I have to have them for ‘proper’ medical reasons as it is) and partly because (and this is how weird my brain is) I don’t want it to work because then I’d have to have it all the time (go on, psycho-analyse that!).

Any way so this is acupuncture in your ears which apparently is very good for detox. I wouldn’t say it was an entirely pleasant experience having 10 needles put in your ears, in fact it was kind of painful-ish and very weird. I also got extremely light-headed. However, if it works then it was definitely worth it. As an aside, apparently I have very nice energy, which is nice to know. 

Then to the hypnosis and – rather disappointingly – there was no swinging clock or “look into my eyes”. It was just all jolly relaxing and – strangely – I can hardly remember a thing she said even though she was speaking to me for the best part of an hour. That’s quite disconcerting because you think your should surely remember something of what she said, and perhaps you missed something, perhaps the missed the important bit which is the bit that makes you stop smoking. Apparently not.

I did feel very relaxed afterwards and almost drunk in a nice way. Before I left, she put some auricular seeds which seemed completely harmless at first – the only issue being washing my hair without them detaching. However these rather harmless tiny dots stuck in my ear are giving me no end of problems. Well one in particular. It turns out that it is the point dealing with emotional issues. That will be why it’s hurting like hell. I have been told to try and keep it in but I’ll just have to see how brave I’m feeling.

So the smoking…well I’m thinking about it quite a lot. Can’t decide if I’d really rather fancy a cigarette or not. I have given up before (obviously not successfully) and I know if I can do three weeks then I will probably have broken the habit (really that’s all smoking is, a bizarre habit, personally I’ve never found nicotine withdrawal to be a real problem – famous last words). Hmmm, I just keep thinking about having a cigarette and whether that would be a good thing (“no” is the answer quite clearly).


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