Lowlifes enjoying the bad news

I loathe the phrase ‘credit crunch’ with a passion and I’m not too keen on any vocabulary related to economic downturn, nor indeed am I keen on the whole thing itself. Although I do not make New Year’s Resolutions, point 6 of my New Year meme did indicate that I was rather keen to keep my job so I was just a tad nervous when  I was invited to a meeting with the Chief Exec yesterday. Indeed the conversation was job loss related. Luckily the job wasn’t mine.

As a relatively small company, the fall out from the announcement of relatively few but statistically significant job cuts has been huge and there are a lot of shell-shocked faces sitting very quietly (and very slumpily so as not to be noticed) at their desks. As a grown up type person, I am charged with raising morale, being positive and reassuring. Oh hec!

I can genuinely say though (having been through a few redundancy announcements – and having been the subject of two) that my current company has handled it really well and very sensitively. Which is why I am rather furious that some lowlife in this building has decided the first person they would pick up the phone to would be the rag that laughingly calls itself our industry ‘news’ magazine. Why do people do that? If they don’t like the company they’re working for then why work there? As they are obviously stupid, there is a hope that perhaps they were stupid enough to use a work phone or email…perhaps noone’s that stupid though.


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