3BT – 7th January

I am going to be positive about the cold weather…well I’ll try given the absence of real, proper snow and the time to do anything with it!

1. My new boots which have furry insides (not real animal) and were a brilliant bargain – a mere £25 compared to their original price of £95. I bought them on Saturday and haven’t taken them off my feet since (well obviously to sleep) although planning outfits around them is becoming something of a challenge.

2. Mugs of tea. I like a mug of tea all the time but there is something super-specially warming about one at the moment.

3. Increased excuses for blankies and snuggles.

4. Electric blankets – brilliant invention especially the lovely one we have at the moment that you can put on a low setting all night (does making dragging yourself out of bed in the morning a little difficult though).

5. I am lucky that I don’t really have to worry about having the heating on.


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