A Festive Meme

I was hunting for one of these (yes I know it’s lazy blogging) and found one at poppingbubbles (thanks). I have taken a little artistic licence to Anglicise it.

Have you ever…..

Built a snowman? Yes, but not for ages. You just don’t seem to get the right sort of snow nowadays!

Heard Santa’s sleigh? When I was little I used to. One Christmas Eve I woke in the middle of Santa’s delivery which was all very confusing.

Seen Santa & Rudolph in the sky? No. Although apparently my Dad got a lift with him one year when he was working on the rigs and bad weather meant it was a bit of a “will he, won’t he get back from Christmas?” moment.

Sat on Santa’s lap? Yes, including a relatively recent adult sitting on the lap experience – poor Santa.

Shoveled the driveway/sidewalk? No. We had a friendly neighbour with a tractor who used to do that for us.

Made snow angels? Not for many years. See earlier about lack of quality snow. In fact the last time was when I was a student in Birmingham and we woke to the biggest snow dump I have ever seen in this country in my life. It was incredible and great fun (although there was no bread in the supermarkets for five days because the whole city got cut off).

Built a fort/igloo? Never, but sounds like great fun.

Wrote a Christmas list? A very large “to do” list.

Wrote a letter to Santa? I used to write them every year and send them up the chimney. Apparently if they fell in the fire then the message would be written out in smoke in the sky for Father Christmas to see.

Left cookies/milk for Santa & reindeer? Back in the day Father Christmas used to like a glass of sherry and a carrot for the reindeer. I suspect he could have been done for drunk in charge of a sleigh.

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes, but I prefer them on eyelashes.

Went caroling? When I was young we used to go and sing carols in a barn which was brilliant fun sitting on straw bales and giggling at the choir master’s rather elaborate conducting. Now I welcome any opportunity to sing carols although tend to do it in a church rather than the mean streets of south London.

Got hurt during the winter season? Many slippy ice moments and peculiar seasonal injuries such as turkey carving thumb. This year I suspect any injuries will b Wii related.

Gone ice skating/sledding? Yes and yes. Went ice skating in the Winter Wonderland this year which was great fun and as a child used to go sledging whenever there was enough snow. We always used to give up on the proper sledges though (made by my Dad and really very good) and end up on bin bags.

Kissed under a mistletoe? Yes
indeed. Try to catch The Beloved as often as possible but my last mistletoe kiss was actually my lovely nephew on Sunday.

Experienced/saw a miracle happen? No, but I live in hope.

Get everything you wanted for Christmas? Not yet but this year hoping for no arguments or stressiness. Keeping everything crossed and trying not to get wound up thinking about it.

Cooked/baked? Always. Love it. Shopping arrives tonight and planning much chopping and whisking. 

 Tree is fake/real? Real. Always. Love the smell and annoying prickiness.

 Tree is under/above 4? This year we have a littl-ish one at about 5′ 6″ but we’ve had some real whoppers in the past.

 Open presents Christmas Eve/Day? On Christmas Day. We used to do our stockings in the morning (we stopped doing stockings about three years ago when my grandparents died) and then do under-the-tree presents after lunch so now we just wait until we are full of turkey. I may think about changing our timing this year.

House/entire yard is decorated? No. Our only external decoration is a wreath on the door. Otherwise we just keep the festivities indoors. Having said that pretty much every room has some decorations in it.

Amount of presents under the tree? Less and less every year which sounds a bit sad. Actually it is a bit sad but there you go.  

Snowman is a male/female? Snowman is a man the clue is in the title.

Go for Santa/Jesus? Mainly Jesus, although loving the whole Santa bit too.

Homemade/delivered/takeout Christmas dinner? Shopping delivered (just really can’t bear the supermarket scrum and everyone acting as if the supermarkets are going to shut down FOREVER, having said that I know I’ve over-ordered big style), but everything else homemade even things that normal sensible people buy ready made.

Bedtime is before/after midnight? Really want to go to midnight mass so hopefully after although recent plans for midnight mass have been somewhat scuppered.

Wake-up is before/after 7am? Will probably wake up before 7, realise it’s Christmas, roll over and go back to sleep – hurrah!

Go/don’t go to church on Christmas? See above about midnight mass. I’ve never managed church on Christmas Day proper because there always seems to be a zillion things that need doing to get that bird on the table before it gets dark (which is possibly why we’ve never opened presents before lunch either).

Pray & sing Happy Birthday/do nothing before bed? Singing Christmas carols and other festive tunes very loudly and badly is one of my favourite things to do before bed and throughout Christmas Day (well until after lunch when the tellybox is allowed to go on). The whole Happy Birthday thing is a bit odd because although I am of the “celebrating Jesus’ birth” persuasion, I don’t actually think of it as his birthday. Hmmm…might have to have a think about that one.



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